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GaultMillau Dining Moments

60 testers are out and about in Switzerland for GaultMillau, searching for the best restaurants, brasseries and pubs. As part of the partnership with American Express, the testers exclusively recommend three ultimate gourmet tips every month. These include GaultMillau and GaultMillau Pop¹ establishments.


«Gasthaus zum Gupf», Rehetobel

It's best for wine freaks to book an overnight stay in the stately country inn, because what's stored in the impressive wine cellar with 30,000 items will make every vinophile's heart beat faster.

«Maimin», Bern

Thai noodle soups (“Guay Tiew”) that taste as if a Bangkok street kitchen, complete with cooks and inventory, had moved to Bern’s old town!

«Carlton», Zürich

25 years of “Carlton” on Bahnhofstrasse!

«Dian Dian Mian», Zürich

Round two for “Dian Dian Mian” - last year's pop-up highlight is back with hand-pulled Chinese noodles. New: chicken wings!


«Salzano», Interlaken

The Salzano family has been successfully running their charming country hotel near Interlaken for over 25 years - not least thanks to the work of their ambitious head chef Stephan Koltes.

«Da Enzo», Ponte Brolla

Among other things, you can currently enjoy spring-green ravioletti filled with formagella, ricotta, herbs and morels at “Da Enzo”. Off to warm Ticino!


«Mikuriya», The Dolder Grand

With dishes full of subtlety and harmonious balance, Atsushi Hiraoka is an asset to Zurich's gastronomy.


«Bunzai», Zürich

The star of the menu: "Fried Onion Burger" - an Oklahoma classic with a 100-year history.


«In Lain», Brail

Dario Cadonau runs three restaurants with around ten chefs: a fondue parlor, the gourmet restaurant Vivanda (17 points) and La Stüvetta (14 points).


«Daniele», Luzern

The best course on the menu: "Caciucco"!


«Santaco», Zürich

A tribute to Mexico City! Discover delicious tacos in Zurich's old town.


«Kronenhalle», Zürich

And to finish, the chocolate mousse with the delicate crème fraîche decoration - a work of art in itself.


GaultMillau & American Express Selects

Gault Millau Talents

GaultMillau and its partner American Express scout young chefs with a big future ahead of them.

American Express Selects

The unique American Express member program has lots of surprises in store for you. Benefit from special offers. A free aperitif at a restaurant. A discounted concert ticket. A hotel upgrade.

GaultMillau POP

The new trend guide: restaurants and bars that don't necessarily score points in Gault - Millau But they do inspire a lifestyle audience .

¹GaultMillau Pop establishments: These are restaurants and bars that do not necessarily score points in GaultMillau, but inspire a stylish clientele.