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«Santaco», Zürich

The restaurant is still an insider tip, but judging by the quality of the tacos, not for long!



A pop-up in the Wirtschaft zur Schtund in the picturesque Augustinergasse, which winds its way from Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse to St. Peter's Church. The star of the kitchen: a large, vertical grill spit that rotates on its own axis - called a "trompo" in Mexico - on which thinly sliced pork is piled up and roasted.

Taco al pastor

It is the main ingredient for taco al pastor, the most popular taco variant in Mexico City, whose characteristic taste comes from the aromatic marinade: pineapple juice, annatto, various mild and fruity chili varieties and countless spices.

Several taco variations

The other tacos are also a must: "Suadero" with confit beef or "Nopal" with fried cactus leaves, whose taste is reminiscent of peas, onions and cheese. The pop-up lasts until the end of May.

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«Daniele», Luzern

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«Mikuriya», The Dolder Grand

With dishes full of subtlety and harmonious balance, Atsushi Hiraoka is an asset to Zurich's gastronomy.