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American Express Business Card

The American Express Business Card is the classic among corporate cards from American Express. It has no spending limit and offers many additional benefits for travel.


Get your new American Express Business Card in just a few steps:

To open a corporate account, a basic account application is required as a basis, under which the individual cards are later managed.

As a new client, please submit a completed basic account application and at least one card application.

Sign them both with a legally valid signature.

Click here for the application for your personal corporate credit card.

Complete the card application for every new required card in full and sign it with a legally valid signature.

Due to regulatory requirements, please attach a certified copy of the identification documents or simply use video identification.

Identification is required to open the basic account and also to issue cards if the monthly spending limit is > CHF/EUR 20,000.

American Express Business Card advantages

  • Financial flexibility
  • Access to the optional bonus program
  • Hotel concessions and rental car advantages
  • Basic insurance package
  • Special offers
  • Digital Services
  • 24-hour phone service
  • Collective statement for the company and detailed individual extracts for all cardholders

Request personal consultation.

Request personal consultation.