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American Express® Gold Card

Dining Benefits

The ideal companion for restaurant visits, gourmet events and pleasurable experiences.

For connoisseurs, gourmets and pleasure-seekers: With the American Express® Gold Card, you receive an annual credit worth up to CHF 100 for consumption in restaurants and with delivery services in Switzerland.1 In addition, our Gold Card members benefit from our partnership with GaultMillau, which ensures grand evenings in upscale settings. Our lifestyle stories, which are always accessible online, offer a glimpse behind the scenes as well as tips on new, tasteful eateries. Together, we create lasting moments of happiness.


Dining Credit

Test a new restaurant together with friends and treat them. Receive a credit worth CHF 25 once every quarter for a restaurant or delivery service of your choice in Switzerland that accepts American Express.1


Receive dining credit

It’s this easy to get the dining credit worth CHF 25 every quarter: Select a restaurant or delivery service, indulge for at least CHF 80 and pay with the American Express® Gold Card. The amount of CHF 25 is automatically credited to the corresponding credit card account.1

American Express® partnership


Two partners who are the perfect match: American Express® and GaultMillau, the most influential restaurant guide for Switzerland.

GaultMillau & American Express®

Chef Portraits

Diego Della Schiava, Chef "The View", Lugano

Diego Della Schiava became chief overnight in "The View" over Lugano. He thanks it with a super menu.

Zizi Hattab, Chef "Kle", Zurich

She is the most amazing newcomer onto the restaurant scene: Zineb "Zizi" Hattab and her Zurich vegan restaurant "Kle".

"My mother was never a good cook"

When he was ten years old, Thies Henkel took over the cooking at home. Now the 30-year-old is making a splash at the Lenkerhof.

1 The principal cardholder of an American Express® Gold Card issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH will receive CHF 25 credited to his card account once per quarter, provided that he or the additional cardholder has spent at least CHF 80 at a Swiss restaurant or on a delivery service participating in the promotion and paid with the American Express® Gold Card.

Benefit from the exclusive dining benefits offered by the Gold Card

Benefit from the exclusive dining benefits offered by the Gold Card