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American Express members are also gourmets who love to discover new things and are happy to recommend good restaurants to others. GaultMillau knows the hottest establishments. This is the perfect premise for the partnership between American Express and GaultMillau, the "travel guide" for gourmets, which has been around since 2019. 

"GaultMillau POP!" partner American Express

The American Express partnership with "GaultMillau POP!" presents restaurants and bars that do not necessarily have GaultMillau points, but are particularly appealing to a lifestyle-motivated public. Discover new insider tips for a unique ambiance and first-class food. 

GaultMillau POP!

Ou Bien Encore

Colorful, creative, vegetarian – and vegan

Giodi Vegetarian and Co.

The first genuinely almost entirely vegetarian restaurant 

Bohemia Bar & Grill

The “Bohemia” offers real bistro cuisine with burgers and truffle fries on the ground floor of the “Märthof” boutique hotel in the heart of Basel.


When Ivo Adam became a world champion chef 20 years ago, he probably never dreamed that he would one day open a restaurant with an integrated gift boutique.

GaultMillau & American Express®

Chef portraits

Diego Della Schiava, Chef "The View", Lugano

Diego Della Schiava became chief overnight in "The View" over Lugano. He thanks it with a super menu.

Zizi Hattab, Chef "Kle", Zurich

She is the most amazing newcomer onto the restaurant scene: Zineb "Zizi" Hattab and her Zurich vegan restaurant "Kle".

"My mother was never a good cook"

When he was ten years old, Thies Henkel took over the cooking at home. Now the 30-year-old is making a splash at the Lenkerhof.

Gault Millau & American Express

Two partners who go together perfectly: American Express, the world’s leading card provider in the premium segment, whose members are also gourmets, and GaultMillau, Switzerland’s most influential restaurant guide. As part of this partnership, American Express supports "GaultMillau POP!", the trend guide for restaurants and bars – featuring those that don’t necessarily have GaultMillau points but inspire a lifestyle-motivated public with their concepts. American Express is also a partner in GaultMillau’s "Züri isst" magazine.

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