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For A Caribbean Coast - Belize

Just like on the Caribbean coast – Belize offers visitors a wealth of historical Mayan sites, while its environmental treasures, such as the Belize Barrier Reef, attract adventurous eco-tourists.

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For Urban Cool - Warsaw

Experience the nightlife in Poland's capital for a dynamic, lively and sophisticated night. A magnet for young and old alike.

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For Digital Nomads (Europe/North Africa) - Marrakech

Visiting for more than just relaxation? No problem! A growing number of co-working spaces, fast Internet and affordable rental prices make this Moroccan city, with its year-round warm climate, a great option.

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For Quaint Canals - Annecy

This historic city, with its houses in pastel colors, cobblestone streets and romantic charm, couldn't be any more enchanting.

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For White Sand Beaches - Tokashiki

A trip to Japan's Tokashiki Island awaits, with unbelievably beautiful white sandy beaches and some of the clearest water in the world for snorkeling and diving.

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For Street Art - Bogotá

Discover the extraordinary streets of the Columbian capital, such as the famous La Candelaria tourist magnet. Street artists show what they're capable of in the vibrant city of Bogotà.

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For A Lakeside Promenade – Lake Ohrid

Visit one of the lesser known UNESCO World Heritage sites: Lake Ohrid. Known as the largest lake in the Balkans, Lake Ohrid, which is located in North Macedonia and Albania, is considered one of the oldest lakes in the world.

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For Egyptian Pyramids - Dahshur

Some 25 miles south of Cairo you will find the pyramids of Dahshur. Even older and almost as large, but just as historically significant and unique as the pyramids of Giza.

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For Traditional Markets - Chichicastenango

Breathtaking! Located at an elevation of almost 6,500 feet, it's the wealth and variety of the goods on offer here that will take your breath away.

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For Live Music - London

Enjoy a magical evening on London's musical streets – from large orchestras to music theaters and performances in every musical style imaginable, and even a flourishing culture of street musicians.

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