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«Da Enzo», Ponte Brolla

“Da Enzo” in Ponte Brolla remains a cult address. Chef Andrea Zingari's cooking is fantastic. For 17 years now.


Ravioletti & Gitzi

“Da Enzo” in Ponte Brolla remains the top grotto address in Ticino and the tables are in high demand. The restaurant is run by two people: Enzo's son Sergio Andreatta and the strong-nerved chef Andrea Zingari, who has been with the restaurant for 17 years. The choice is huge. In the trilogy of Swiss Black Angus, we discover tartare, dried meat and roast beef, accompanied by artichokes and puntarelle. This time, the pasta is spring green: ravioletti filled with formagella, ricotta, herbs and morels; the mushroom comes from Portugal at the beginning of the season, but is later replaced by spugnole from the surrounding valleys.

Spring & childhood memories

There is also a spring version of the risotto: carnaroli, green asparagus cream, burrata and a carpaccio of Gambero rosso from Mazara del Vallo. Among the “secondi”, the gitzi from Bosco Gurin is a big hit. Nothing fancy-pants style: bones and knuckles are also on the plate. Just like nonna used to make.

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«Mikuriya», The Dolder Grand

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