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«Gasthaus zum Gupf», Rehetobel

It's best for wine freaks to book an overnight stay in the stately country inn, because what's stored in the impressive wine cellar with 30,000 items will make every vinophile's heart beat faster.


Family business in Appenzell!

In 1989, owner Emil “Migg” Eberle opened the door to the Gasthaus zum Gupf, 1000 meters above Lake Constance and with an impressive view. The "Gupf" is the home of the Klose family, they are the perfect hosts in the rural idyll: Walter Klose shaped the restaurant's cuisine with his high-quality, classic style (17 GaultMillau points), his wife Manuela is the face the front. His son Sebastian is now also at the pass, while his brother Fabian is responsible for the patisserie – “a family affair”.

Wine cellar in a class of its own

Over the years, a burnt down Appenzell inn became one of the most beautiful restaurants in the country. The wine cellar alone is an architectural showcase project: 30,000 bottles in 3,000 positions can be found under the vault. The extraordinary restaurant with the wonderful view is a crowd puller, “especially because of Walter Klose’s cuisine”!

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