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«Kronenhalle», Zürich

It is probably the most famous restaurant in Zurich. And it will be 100 years old this year!


Iconic restaurant

The "Kronenhalle" is a classic restaurant that is second to none. Be it because of all the names in the guest book, including Stephan Eicher, Jean Tinguely, Roger Moore and Andy Warhol. Or because of the almost priceless art hanging on all the walls.

Züri Gschnätzlet's and art

You dine among original paintings by Picasso, Chagall and Miró! What is served on the white table at this institution is a given, especially for newcomers: the creamy Züri Geschnetzeltes, for which the mushrooms are pureed instead of chopped, served with rösti. This specialty is traditionally served in two courses. And to finish, the chocolate mousse with its delicate crème fraîche decoration - itself a work of art.

More Dining Moments

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«Santaco», Zürich

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