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«Bunzai», Zürich

Absolute burger master class!


Best smash burger in town

With "Bunzai", newcomer Mao Heng has landed a direct hit: A burger newcomer at Zurich's Stauffacher, currently dishing up the best "smash burgers" in town. The star of the menu: "Fried Onion Burger" - a classic from Oklahoma with a 100-year history that is slowly becoming a favorite of the burger community outside of the American state. Thanks to the wafer-thin sliced onions: they are placed on the portioned minced beef and then caramelized in a flash by being pressed vigorously on the hot plate. American cheese, a fluffy bun - and the "fried onion burger" is ready.

Many tasty burgers to discover

But the other burgers are also first class: "Classic" with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and "Secret Sauce". Or the "Bibim Shack" with kimchi, bacon, lettuce and gochujang mayonnaise.

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