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Michelle’s Cupcakes

While staying with her family in London, Michelle Burke fell in love with a cupcake shop on Portobello Road. Back home, she started baking cupcakes herself – loosely based on the motto "learning by doing".


A dream made out of sugar

With the opening of "Michelle’s Cupcakes" in Zurich, a long-cherished dream came true for the daughter of an Englishman: "The sparkle in the eyes of my customers always makes me happy and motivates me every day anew." She offers up to seven different cupcake varieties every day in her shop on Luisenstrasse. Michelle and her team tinker in the kitchen for several days to create a new cupcake recipe.

"When I started, cupcakes weren’t that well known in Switzerland. There were people who thought it was just decoration," laughs the enthusiastic baker. But today there is hardly anyone in Zurich who has never eaten a cupcake. The colorful mini cakes have become part of mainstream society. This is probably why there is an increasing demand for vegan cupcakes, which Michelle is very happy to offer. In addition to delicious cupcakes, Michelle also offers fine specialty coffees, fruity milkshakes, gooey brownies, fragrant cinnamon rolls and delicious ice creams.