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Seifen Oper

The original soap of the Sumerians consisted of alkaline plant ash and oils. The two soap artisans Alicia and Claudia from “Seifen Oper” in Winterthur still use plant-based ingredients, but their recipes are much more refined than those of the Sumerians.


Caring manual work

From the “Fichten Wichtel” bath cupcake to the moonflower body scrub to black soap made from activated charcoal, olive oil and coconut butter – in the “Seifen Oper” online shop you will find over two dozen handmade soaps, fragrant hair conditioners and shampoos as well as face creams for every skin type. The in-house aftershave is mixed especially for men, and gently cares for irritated skin with witch hazel infusion and aloe vera. Alicia and Claudia also create custom care products “made to measure” on request.