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Every product has its own story. At "Changemaker" you can be sure it’s a good one.


You know exactly what you are buying here

"Changemaker" shares your demand for zeitgeist, the highest quality and a conscious approach to people, the environment and resources. You won’t find mass-produced goods here, and that’s a good thing. Only really valuable things from small or medium-sized cottage industries get a place on the stores’ shelves and in the online store. Behind each of these exciting objects is a story that is retold by "Changemaker" in its in-house blog and during personal conversations in the store. "Changemaker" therefore gives you an exciting look behind the scenes of the individual brands and at the people behind them. "Changemaker" is not only a new concept, but also a real source of inspiration for anyone who cares about the world.

Be a changemaker

Erich Geisser, Managing Director of "Changemaker", is proud of the ambitious store concept: "We are not changing the whole world, but we are changing that of our suppliers," because the heart of every "Changemaker" story is about fairly paid workers. It revolves around small-scale manufacturers who take their responsibility towards the environment and nature seriously, and each story ends with people, like you, who pay attention to fairness and their green conscience when shopping. At "Changemaker", the happy ending is included in the purchase price, so to speak.

Ethics kisses aesthetics


Erich Geisser

Managing Director of "Changemaker"


Valuable things

Behind each of these exciting objects is a story that is retold.

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