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Head to Ticino in pursuit of the sun, visit top attractions in the mountains or admire UNESCO World Heritage sites on the Swiss Plateau - this is the Grand Tour of Switzerland.


On the Grand Tour of Switzerland you travel by car or motorcycle through the most beautiful parts of Switzerland: Head to Ticino in pursuit of the sun, visit top attractions in the mountains or admire UNESCO World Heritage sites on the Swiss Plateau. And for those who prefer to travel through autumnal Switzerland by train, there is the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland.

Grand Tour of Switzerland

Is the road calling you again? Then pack your bags for a few days and head off. Wherever you live in Switzerland, you don’t have to travel far to find yourself on the Grand Tour of Switzerland. The round trip from Switzerland Tourism leads through the whole country and connects the most beautiful highlights in all four language regions: Visit the quaint village of Appenzell, the ancient castles of Bellinzona, the Rhine cities of Basel and Stein am Rhein, historic Saint-Ursanne or the Bündner Herrschaft. Unforgettable experiences, insider tips and places you have long wanted to visit await you on eight recommended sections.

Switzerland Tourism is not the only one giving you recommendations: Roger Federer himself tells you which parts of the Grand Tour of Switzerland he particularly enjoyed, how he prefers to travel and which milestones in his great career line the route.

On the road digitally too

Before you set off, a road trip does of course have to be planned. You can find countless information, tips and suggestions on the Internet – and even more conveniently in the Switzerland Tourism app. Simply select a module in the digital Grand Tour travel guide for a leisurely trip or a variety-packed road trip. The app creates a day plan for you to suit your needs with highlights, excursions and accommodation suggestions at the destination. Let it navigate you safely and conveniently through Switzerland.

With the Grand Tour app, you not only travel safely and conveniently through Switzerland – you can also take detours to the metaverse: When you visit a photo spot, look for the Switzerland Tourism sign with a QR code. Scan it with your phone to collect the places you visited in the app – like pins on the map in the past.

Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

And if you prefer to enjoy your trip this fall in comfort by train? Then the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is just right for you. Marvel at impressive panoramas in the Alps on a 1,280 km route, visit the most popular cities and collect points for attractive special offers on the way with the Grand Train Tour app.

Beautiful Highlights on the Grand Tour



The region is known for rural customs and traditions such as the ceremonial descent of the cattle in autumn and cultural events such as folk music and rustic dances, as well as hiking tours in the Alpstein region.


Ancient fortifications of Bellinzona

The castles of Bellinzona are among the most marvelous examples of medieval fortified architecture in the Alps.


Stein am Rhein

The little town is famous for its well-preserved Old Town featuring painted facades and half-timbered houses, for which it received the very first Wakker Prize.


Historic Saint-Ursanne

Saint-Ursanne spreads out in a forested valley and fascinates visitors with its medieval centre. The town is located on the River Doubs and can be reached via a charming bridge.


Guarda, Graubünden

Guarda in the Lower Engadine is so beautiful a village that it was awarded the Wakker Prize. It also received the distinction «Of national importance».

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