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PUNKT Keusch

Equipping your home with a smart control system is not only convenient for you – but also sustainable and cost-saving: The heating, ventilation and power consumption of all devices are controlled in an energy-saving manner. Living in a smart home means simply being able to enjoy more relaxing time within your own four walls.


How to create a smart feel-good home

“PUNKT Keusch Gebäudeautomation” (building automation) meets your requirements and needs for smart living – regardless of whether you want to equip a new building or upgrade your current home, want a partial solution or total automation.

Everything under control with one button

As a federally certified systems engineer, Benjamin Keusch has always had a flair for technical processes. In 2016, he took the plunge into self-employment and founded “PUNKT Keusch Gebäudeautomation” to fully dedicate himself to his passion for automated systems. He himself has been enjoying life in his smart home for several years now and has made it his mission to bring the benefits of a smart home to your home as well.

His personal favorite feature is the “all-off button”, Keusch reveals, “At the push of a button, the house goes into sleep mode: All the blinds are lowered, the lights are switched off everywhere, the heating is also switched off, all the doors and windows are locked, and the alarm in the garden switches on.” For Benjamin Keusch, the most important feel-good factor of his smart home is the reassuring feeling of being able to keep an eye on his home at all times: “Regardless of whether we’re just going shopping, out on a day trip, or on vacation – I’m in control of my home at any time and anywhere, and know that everything is fine.”

Seasonal smartness

Did I turn off the light? Are the blinds really down on a hot day? Is the house key still at home? You no longer have to ask yourself questions like these with a smart home – thanks to smart sockets, smart lighting and shading technology or the electronic door lock.

In summer, for example, irrigation systems for the garden support your sweet life. Save that precious hour in the morning and evening watering all your plants, and spend time with your loved ones chilling outdoors instead. In the fall, when it gets darker earlier again, “PUNKT Keusch Gebäudeautomation” customers particularly appreciate the presence simulation and the sense of security that automated lighting, blind and alarm functions give them. In winter, for example, the heating regulation ensures a perfect indoor climate and ideal energy efficiency: While ventilating the house, the heating is automatically switched off by the smart heating control. In spring, on the other hand, you save a lot of time with a smart robotic lawn mower.

Energy saving made easy

Equipping your home with a smart control system is not only convenient for you – but also sustainable and cost-saving: The heating, ventilation and power consumption of all devices are controlled in an energy-saving manner. For example, smart systems ensure that devices that are not currently in use do not run unnecessarily in standby mode. It’s this easy for you to protect the environment and your wallet at the same time. It is not without reason that energy management is one of the most popular functions among “PUNKT Keusch Gebäudeautomation” customers. Whether it’s lighting, shade, security, music or the pool: You can easily control all areas of your smart home using a smartphone or tablet, or let the programmed sensors do it all for you.

Ready for your smart feel-good home?

Creating your smart home is really easy with the original and innovative service from “PUNKT Keusch Gebäudeautomation”. Request a non-binding quote today. After a personal consultation on site or by phone, Benjamin Keusch knows exactly how to meet your requirements and needs perfectly. Since the design and installation of the smart systems are also personally supervised by Keusch, you receive your smart home solution from A to Z from a single source. And Benjamin Keusch will also be happy to show you how you can use a smart home app to control your smart home with just a few clicks. Make your property independent and your everyday life easier now with a smart home.


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