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poinz – more rewards for everyone

It’s 2012, Robert Blum is sitting with friends in his favorite café. As befits devoted regulars, they all have a loyalty card and Blum’s is full. Usually you get a free coffee for that. But unfortunately, his card is worn beyond recognition and the waitress therefore refuses to reimburse the free coffee. Annoying – but also the happy birth of poinz.


From start-up to market leader

What started as a small start-up almost 10 years ago is now an innovative fintech company in Switzerland. Initially, Robert Blum and his co-founders focused on offering poinz, a free app that takes the dozens of loyalty and customer cards out of wallets onto smartphones. By the end of 2013, poinz had already united over 300 businesses from gastronomy, beauty, wellness, retail and leisure activities on its app. Users love it and reward the company diligently with app downloads. By 2022, the company is connecting as many as 1,600 local businesses to more than 1 million customers – and there’s no end in sight to its growth. “We’ve made it our mission to build a community in which we connect businesses and customers by smartphone. To facilitate exchange and reward loyalty,” explains CEO and co-founder Blum. So far, this has been a brilliant success. The app also quickly became more than just a digital loyalty card, as a result you can also find loyalty cards, deals, coupons and electronic scratch cards on poinz.ch since 2020.

Swiss Loyalty – cashback for everyone

poinz has completely overhauled its app in 2022 – and the successful fintech company has pulled off another trick with this update: By introducing the new Swiss Loyalty section in the app, poinz has launched a unique “cashback ecosystem”. Users can earn cashback with every purchase at local Swiss Loyalty partners, which is automatically credited to the app – and can also be used immediately to redeem deals and gift cards. Benefiting from this is child’s play: Simply store your usual credit cards in the poinz app and shop at the corresponding partners – and you can start earning cashback credits.

New free credit cards from poinz and Swisscard

But as if that isn’t enough, poinz and its partner Swisscard announced the launch of the poinz Swiss Loyalty Cards in April. The new free credit cards come as a duo – consisting of a poinz Swiss Loyalty American Express Card and a poinz Swiss Loyalty Visa Card. You can earn up to 1% cashback on purchases worldwide with the card duo. The accumulated credit can be transferred directly to your bank account or used in the also newly launched poinz gift card store. Popular brands such as Apple, Zalando, and Sony have already been there since the launch. The best thing is: You even earn cashback again when you redeem your credit. Enrico Salvadori, Chief Commercial Officer of Swisscard, is proud of the partnership: “The success of poinz, with over 1,000 brand partners and one of the largest mobile communities, shows that customers greatly appreciate the benefits of open points programs. We share this attitude with our partner and are pleased to release another innovative product, the poinz Swiss Loyalty Cards.”

A simple, innovative and refreshing summer lifestyle

It is quite obvious that poinz cares about the satisfaction of its community and also offers real added value in everyday life. And with success. Now summer is just around the corner and of course CEO Blum and his team are not going to miss the chance to refresh their users on these warm days with great offers. Blum doesn’t want to give too much away: “It’s definitely worth for water lovers and Apple fans in particular taking a look at our deals and the gift card store more often in the next few weeks ahead.” You can also look forward to new, innovative ways to earn even more cashback. One or two surprise events are also planned for the growing Swiss Loyalty community. Join one of the largest and most profitable mobile communities now and discover all the advantages of poinz and Swiss Loyalty today.


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