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November: Sihlmatt

"Sihlmatt" pop-up: the best trout far and wide?


The "Sihlmatt" crew is currently once again a guest in the decommissioned, charming "Stazione Paradiso" rail wagon at Zurich Letten.

A restaurant specializing in blue trout – a traditional dish that has become rare and preserves the delicate flavors of the fish: The freshwater fish swims in the cold water tank until just before it is prepared, is left in the hot broth for a few minutes and then is served to the guest straight away with boiled potatoes and beurre noisette. The typical characteristic of blue trout: the burst belly due to its body still being tense.

But the other dishes are excellent too:

trout liver with salmon trout roe, apple and pain perdu, and the lettuce with the iconic "Sihlmatt" house dressing. Anyone arriving hungry who wants to spare themselves the agonizing choice, should order the large tasting menu with six courses for 90 Swiss francs per person.

Pop-up open until December 17.

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