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GaultMillau POP 2025: «ALBA»

“GaultMillau POP!”, the trend guide for the Swiss gastronomy scene, has, together with American Express, named a new “POP of the Year”: Restaurant “ALBA”.


"Alba" skillfully and creatively creates culinary innovations in a classic style. Experience the art of pizza baking at the restaurant crowned GaultMillau "POP of the Year" 2025.

48 hours – 90 seconds

The sourdough rests for two full days before it is prepared into traditional flatbread and topped with the best ingredients. The tomato passata and olive oil come from southern Italy, and bring the sunshine of Sicily with them. The restaurant even produces its own raw milk mozzarella. And then there’s spicy salami from Ticino, a unique blend of mushrooms and smoked ham, fermented asparagus with red rocket, or lemon dill velouté and anchovy salsa. The pizza goes in the oven at 410 degrees, and the fragrant delicacy is ready in just 90 seconds.

Honoring traditions, breaking chains

The food at "Alba" is simple, original or unconventional – depending on your preference. The "Alba" team led by Meagan and Simon, together with sourdough whisperers Carmine and Gennaro, combine Neapolitan tradition with local inspiration. And they also demonstrate it with their drinks: Choose from cocktails with olive oil gin, or try the "Alba Spritz" with cider or an "Espresso Martini". We would like to congratulate the "Alba" team on their well-deserved GaultMillau "POP of the Year" 2025 award and wish all their customers "buon appetito" for this culinary experience.

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