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Moments of entertainment

This year’s events calendar has a lot in store for us: Two major sporting events, the European Soccer Championship and the Summer Olympic Games, are about to take place, providing pure entertainment. We will show you how to best enjoy these events and what other amusements you might take part in.


Go Switzerland!

Not long now, on June 14, 2024, the European Soccer Championship will be kicked off in the host country Germany and the whole of Europe will be pulled out of its seats. The world’s most popular sport has been providing the best entertainment for quite some time – not only while playing, but also while watching. But where does the ball sport actually come from? Contrary to popular belief that the ball was rolling over English meadows for the first time, well-known Mesoamerican cultures such as the Aztecs or the Maya played a similar team sport more than 3,000 years ago. Even China and Japan knew a game with foot and ball early on. However, soccer as we know it today, does come from England; the first rules were laid down in the 19th century.

Public viewing or home cinema?

If you don’t go in for the sport yourself, it’s the most fun to watch the matches in joyful company. There are many ways to cheer your team, whether at a public viewing in your favorite pub with the best fan equipment from "Apfelkiste" or with friends at home. And it’s not just the European Championship that creates a celebratory atmosphere this summer. Shortly after the European Championship award ceremony, the Olympic Torch will be on fire in Paris on July 26, 2024 during the opening ceremony. If you’re one of those who enjoy cheering, partying and being carried away at home, having the right hi-fi equipment is the be-all and end-all. Make use of the unbeatable bundle offer of "STAEGER AG" comprising a flat screen from "LG" and a soundbar by "Bang & Olufsen". If you still have energy for a home party after the sport or are in the mood for home cinema, "Samsung" has an exclusive offer for soundbars, the music frame and TVs available for you.

Prescriptions for battling boredom

Those who cheer vigorously, pity and dance victory dances need a (culinary) break from time to time. How about a short trip to Italy or the USA? You don’t have to leave Switzerland to do that, since you may wonderfully experience "La dolce vita" in the "Daniele" restaurant in Lucerne. Fine fish meets crisp asparagus, accompanied by the best "vino". If you rather fancy a burger, the "BUNZAI" in Zurich is the perfect place for you. Unique burger creations with homemade sauces ensure culinary delights. And try one of their thirst-quenching cocktails. Grill lovers will also find something to their liking, namely in the "Steakhouse Bahnhof" in Mettmenstetten. Best-quality meat directly from the butcher sizzles on hot wood embers and thus acquires a unique taste. If you prefer throwing a barbecue party at home, simply get the ingredients directly from the "Steakhouse Bahnhof" or its online shop. And those eager to learn, book a barbecue course in the "Steakhouse Bahnhof" and learn the art of grilling directly from the pros!

Thrills and relaxation

Are you in for something completely new? Want to feel like a Formula 1 driver on the track? Then take a trip to Olten to the "The 4th Floor" – what awaits you is a special experience. The best F1 and GT simulators provide pure action and thrills. As a reward, the modern lounge & bar area offers home-made delicacies and refreshing drinks and if the weather is nice, you can enjoy watching the sunset on the roof terrace. If you are determined to stay at home and make yourself comfortable, the exclusive preferential offer from "Fnac" will be to your liking. From A as in audio books via B as in books to V as in videos, "Fnac" offers a wide range of entertainment media and electronics. You will certainly not get bored this summer.

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