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Steakhouse Bahnhof, Mettmenstetten

Lean back, enjoy, celebrate or learn new things: The offers at "Steakhouse Bahnhof" are as rich as they are varied. Every need will be satisfied with boisterous dinners, extensive catering or barbecue courses.


Fiery indulgence

Only the best piece of meat and the freshest fish will wind up on your plate. When it comes to ingredients, "Steakhouse Bahnhof" caters for the highest quality, sustainability and origin. Expert knowledge and a fine sense of the food go into grilled goods: The juicy meat is grilled according to your wishes on a beech wood fire heated to 300 °C. It is served with hearty baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and fine wine from Italy.

From preparation to service

Do you want to offer the grilled specialties at home and enchant your guests? Then take a barbecue course with the professionals. They will not only give you the best tips and tricks, but also the right wine recommendation to go with the various grill specialties. The right ingredients of the same high quality and delicious extras such as homemade salad and steak sauces are available in the associated butcher’s shop. No one goes home hungry here!

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