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Sustainable relaxation and wellness

Relaxation and regeneration often fall short in our hectic everyday lives and are therefore invaluable. One place where you can mindfully take time for yourself and your own well-being is the spa. With "Switzerland Tourism", we show you where you can find the most exclusive wellness oases – and be in harmony with nature at the same time.


It all began with thermal baths

Bathing in warm water was considered by the ancient Romans and Greeks to be regeneration and a ritual to purify the mind and body. They were among the first people to appreciate the healing powers of thermal baths. People in Japan have also always known how to use the positive properties of their hot thermal springs, doing something good for themselves with an onsen bath. As well as being places to relax and cleanse the body, public baths were seen as a meeting place to socialize. The positive significance of wellness is still prevalent today and the latter is now even considered a luxury pastime.

Water as an elixir of life

Thermal baths are therefore at the heart of many spa facilities. These natural springs not only provide a relaxing environment, but are also known for their healing properties. The warm water releases muscle tension, boosts the circulation, and can even alleviate skin diseases. Have you ever heard the theory that the acronym "spa" stands for "sanus per aquam", which means "health through water" in Latin? Or are you more familiar with "spa" being derived from the Belgian health resort called Spa? Reportedly, the Romans already knew about this small town with its healing mineral springs. Wherever the meaning actually comes from, it reflects the basic philosophy of many spas: the use of water as a means of healing and regeneration. In thermal baths, whirlpools, ice showers, or saunas – water in all its forms plays a major role in the spa experience.

Wellness breaks with a clear conscience

Fortunately, there is no need to take a trip to Italy or Greece to pamper the mind and body, because Switzerland is also a little wellness paradise. There are many exquisite wellness oases that offer an idyllic atmosphere in a wintry setting. Sustainable spa facilities are particularly trendy: Have you ever sweated in a mobile sauna that you can heat yourself using the wood-burning stove? You can experience this by Lake Sarnen. Or how about using a bath to top up your energy, by heading to Leukerbad with its thermal water from 65 springs? Or staying at hotel complexes in eastern Switzerland with their own farms and homemade products? Green commitment goes hand in hand with wellness and knows practically no boundaries.

Luxuriously relax and recharge your batteries

Those seeking privacy and a touch of luxury will also find something to their liking. Hotels with exclusive rooms and suites and their own spa area provide a unique experience. These retreats allow guests to relax and regenerate at their own pace while enjoying the hotel’s first-class service. Our hotel partners’ preferential offers leave no wish unfulfilled. For example, treat yourself to a romantic getaway at Belvédère Strandhotel in Spiez, discover the unique architecture and stunning spa construction of the 7132 House of Architects in Vals, enjoy the view of the Alps at the Aïda Hôtel & Spa in Crans-Montana or relax in the picturesque Bernese Oberland with a full-body massage at the Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof in Grindelwald.

Weitere Stories

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Guerlain Paris, seit 1828

Guerlain ist der Alchemist aus Paris, der die Sinne durch die Magie der Natur beglückt und die Schönheit zur Kunst erhebt – seit 1828. Eine Maison der «Haute Parfumerie» und der «Haute Cosmetique»: Dieses Haus der hohen Parfumkunst und hochwertigen Kosmetik macht die Massanfertigung zur Quelle seiner Aussergewöhnlichkeit.

How to winter

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