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Fritz by Hanselmann

"Fritz"! New life at the former Hanselmann. The "world-famous" cafe is becoming more modern: in the evenings, an excellent bistro menu is launched.


For many, it is the most beautiful house in St. Moritz. Since 1894, the Conditorei Hanselmann has stood for classic craftsmanship: Bündner tarts, pralines and bread. Only the Tea Room, which you enter between the showcases of the shop, increasingly seemed a little out of date in culinary terms. This has thoroughly changed since the owner family hired Kesang Soghatsang as the new manager for operations. Born in Tibet, Soghatsang is an experienced restaurateur who became known in Zurich as the operator of "Hongxi", among other places. In St. Moritz, he transforms the "Hanselmann" into the "Fritz" in the evenings; the menu includes popular classics such as a whole braised veal shank, miso cod, homemade pasta and other bistro dishes prepared in a contemporary way.