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Chef Portraits

American Express shows the diversity of Switzerland’s top gastronomy and gives you a glimpse behind the scenes with the Chef Portraits . We show you where top restaurateurs find inspiration, what drives them and what their favorite dishes are that can be recreated at home.

American Express

Chef Portraits

Paul Cabayé: sun-drenched fine dining on the Eiger

The “Glacier” restaurant in Grindelwald has been doing pioneering work in the field of sustainable and environmentally responsible fine dining for years. Chef de Cuisine Paul Cabayé is right at the forefront.

Michael Schuler: haute cuisine with an Asian touch

AQUA restaurant in Thalwil certainly lives up to its name: with beautiful views over Lake Zurich, guests enjoy French haute cuisine with Thai flavors. At the Alex Lake Zürich hotel, head chef Michael Schuler serves excellent dishes in a small space.

Markus Stöckle: treats with a twist

Pink tables, family atmosphere and the very best dining experience: Welcome to “ROSI”, the neo-restaurant. Innovative chef Markus Stöckle looks to the gastronomic future with an eye on the past and offers his guests a culinary roller coaster ride. 

Chef Portraits

Signature Dishes

Paul Cabayé Signature Dish: marinated Alpine salmon

Paul Cabayé scales the peaks of haute cuisine with his cuisine without sacrificing respect for nature. Including his Alpine salmon, marinated for 12 hours with the best gin and spices.

Michael Schuler’s Signature Dish: Moules Frites

Michael Schuler wants to reach as many people as possible with his creations and shows that outstanding taste sensations do not have to be complicated with his Signature Dish of Moules Frites. The chef hopes that more people will tackle seafood at home too and proves with his simple mussel recipe that their reservations are in fact unfounded.

Markus Stöckle’s Signature Dish: Käsespätzle

Markus Stöckle’s favorite recipe is his mother’s Käsespätzle, which reliably combat his homesickness. The fluffy soufflé-like Spätzle are created by stirring and mixing the dough with a tangy cheese mixture. The dish follows the “ROSI” philosophy: minimal effort, maximum satisfaction.