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Whether it’s for a regular car wash or after an adventurous drive – you can clean your car thoroughly, gently, and in an ecologically sound manner at “softcarwash”.


Perfect cleaning

“softcarwash” offers everything for a shiny car at 31 locations in Switzerland. Select the right program on the car wash – for example, soft wash including rims and underbody with premium wax and gloss polish for the body – and let the fully automated nozzles, brushes and blowers do their work quickly, gently, and efficiently. Or do you prefer to do it yourself when it comes to your car? Then the washing stations with foam brushes, shampoo and wax are available to use. At the vacuum cleaner stations you will also find everything you need to clean the interior.


“softcarwash” places great importance on sustainability. Modern systems reduce water consumption to a minimum: The water is reprocessed by microorganisms and used several times in the washing process whenever possible. Furthermore, “softcarwash ” uses equipment with the lowest possible power consumption and a long service life.

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