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Eva's Apples

A vegan diet – or even a completely vegan lifestyle – is very much in vogue. And with stores like "Eva’s Apples", veganism is becoming even more accessible.


Treat yourself without any limits

There can be no doubt that a vegan diet is ethical and sensible. Yet it certainly isn’t chosen by everyone: many people would find it too hard to say goodbye to their traditional Swiss "Zopf" bread or a tasty gourmet burger. That’s why an increasing number of excellent vegan alternatives are now available: “Eva’s Apples” offers a wide range of products that at first glance appear to be anything but vegan – but actually consist only of plant-based ingredients. For the barbecue there are the "Bauern-Knacker" sausages that are made from seitan, a delicious "sour cream" to go with potatoes that’s really made from soybeans, and "champagne truffle pralines" for dessert that are actually made from pure cocoa. And, of course, "Zopf" bread made using coconut milk is also on offer for a great Sunday brunch.

A sense of conviction

Owners Andrea Hilfiker and Wendelin Matawa Keller have been running "Eva’s Apples" on Weinbergstrasse in Zurich for nearly three years. They have both been vegan for a long time out of a sense of conviction. That’s why they wanted to create a meeting place where the needs of vegans can be fulfilled – and where anyone interested can find out more about veganism. The consistent focus is on a healthy and holistic lifestyle, which is why "Eva’s Apples" also sells vegan cosmetics, bags, shoes as well as books on the topic.

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