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Platinum Card® Shopping Benefits


Globus offers a wide range of products by the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands. Discover stylish items for your kitchen, your wardrobe and your home, or find the perfect gift for your friends. With your American Express Platinum Card, you benefit from an annual credit in the amount of CHF 100 when shopping at Globus and you receive the attractive Globus Pluscard Platinum membership.

Registration/deregistration for Globus Pluscard Platinum membership with your American Express Platinum Card

The American Express Platinum Globus benefit is available exclusively to American Express Platinum Cardholders and requires advance registration. You can cancel this benefit at any time. Please fill out the form below to receive confirmation of your registration/cancellation by email.

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Your 11-digit card account number is shown on your monthly card statement (it starts with 4xxx or 1xxx).

The Globus offer

  • ★★★delicatessa
  • Home & household, bed & bath, stationery
  • Men: fashion, underwear, shoes
  • Leather goods, jewelry, accessories
  • Women: fashion, lingerie, shoes
  • Children: baby fashion, children’s fashion
  • Perfumery
  • Luggage

Benefit from Globus Pluscard Platinum membership and shopping benefits

Benefit from Globus Pluscard Platinum membership and shopping benefits