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Made by Members

#MadeByMembers is a collection of enriching human stories from a wide spectrum of interesting American Express Card members describing what inspires them. They all have one thing in common: the successful founding of their own company. See what the members created and be inspired by their personality, passion and ambition.


Made by Member Portraits

Made by Members: Hanna & Johan Akerström

In the heart of Zurich, Hanna and Johan Akerström are reviving the traditional craftsmanship of natural soap making with Soeder.

Made by Members: Christina Stahl

Christina Stahl and her husband are the creators of AMELI Zurich, a laptop bag that supports fashion-conscious women on their career paths.

Made by Members: Carlo Badini

Whether for a single room or an entire apartment: Carlo Badini’s Pabio platform can help you furnish your living space just the way you like it – with a monthly furniture subscription.

Made by Members: Roman Hartmann

Roman Hartmann wanted to get to the bottom of where his cooking ingredients come from. This turned out not to be that easy. So he took matters into his own hands and founded Farmy.

Made by Members: Mark Schwarz

Mark Schwarz knows that time is a precious commodity. This is reflected in his VAULT brand, which produces unique, personalized watches.

Made by Members: Von Matt

The Von Matt Hospitality Group, consisting of Kirtanya, Stephan and Thomas von Matt, has been bringing American flair to Zurich since 2013. Their restaurants are firmly established in the city on the Limmat, and now the family business is on course for expansion.

Made by Members: Marc P. Bernegger

As co-founder of Maximon, Marc P. Bernegger takes a look at the future of aging. The company’s goal is to reduce the negative effects of aging so happy and healthy longevity is possible.

Made by Members: Susanne Dröscher

Digitization has been advancing for years. In general and in the care sector. However, the fact that many older people were completely left behind in the process is a problem that Susanne Dröscher wants to solve with her start-up CARU. A mission with a sense of purpose.

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