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Made by Members: Julia Faulhaber

Anyone working in the Swiss hospitality or lifestyle industry will be familiar with the name Faulhaber Marketing Services. With her agency she guides brands through the Swiss brand landscape. And always has a little accessory with her on her travels.


Julia Faulhaber has been working in the hotel industry since graduating high school. After working for Kempinski Hotels and the Baur au Lac in Zurich, she had several offers to change industries after the birth of her children. But that was out of the question for her. Because her profession is her passion. That’s why she has been supporting brands in the travel and luxury goods industry since 2011 with her agency Faulhaber Marketing Services. In this interview she tells us why she ventured this step.

Julia, how did you get the idea to start your own business?

During my time in the hotel industry as a sales and marketing manager, I was repeatedly asked if I knew anyone who could help this or that hotel with positioning their brands. When I realized that there was an increasing need here, I wrote a concept and got started!


Were there other reasons besides the idea itself?

Why I went self-employed? Because of my passion for the industry, travel, exploring. But also for a better work-life balance.


The last year and a half hasn’t exactly been rosy for the industry, though …

That’s true, of course. Last year was very challenging for us due to the coronavirus. Everything was far more complex, work took longer. We were busy. But in return, many new ideas have emerged.


What drives you personally, even in difficult times?

I am insanely optimistic and think along the lines of: Yes, we’re getting there! With the necessary determination and energy, we actually always make it. This way of thinking was passed onto me by my father.


How did you handle last year at the agency?

We were lucky that Smart Office was already established in our company before 2020. So we didn’t have to turn everything upside down. But we have become much more involved with innovation processes and supported companies with these.


Is the hotel industry a sector with a lot of scope for innovation?

Definitely. For example, there is the Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt. They carried out building alterations during the coronavirus crisis and entered the market with a totally new concept, strongly focused on sustainability.


Do you also like traveling for personal reasons?

Yes, of course! I love traveling. It is an exceptional source of inspiration. Wherever I am, I always look at the world through curious eyes and like a sponge I soak up lots of impressions that I can then use professionally and privately.


And of course, you always have your American Express Card with you on these trips, right?

My American Express Platinum credit card is in fact a faithful companion on my travels. It has helped me a few times in dicey situations.

You’re celebrating your 10th anniversary. Would you do anything differently?

Would I do anything differently? Thinks for a moment. No!

Julia Faulhaber Made by Members Portrait