Wide choice and flexible use – two requirements of today’s consumer society. Owning something has long ceased to be the focus: We watch movies by subscription, use the same concept for music and podcasts, and surf with unlimited flat rates...


Flexible mobility for private individuals – with the UPTO car subscription

Individuals can subscribe to a car for a long-term rental just like companies. They choose the mileage package and how long the subscription lasts themselves, so are free to put together their own offer. As you are familiar with from subscriptions, you pay a fixed monthly price for it, which includes all expenses. Whether it’s repairs, the annual service, tire changes, the obligatory toll sticker, vehicle taxes or registration – drivers don’t have to worry about a thing. The subscription also includes AXA premium insurance, which offers comprehensive protection. UPTO or AXA Mobility Services AG, the company behind the brand, is a subsidiary of AXA Switzerland, and therefore attaches great importance to safety. This is not only reflected in the comprehensive insurance coverage, but also in the vehicle features: The new or nearly new cars in the online shop are all equipped with comprehensive safety packages. You drive the car in the subscription as if it were your own. Third-party drivers are therefore also insured, but the car does not have to be shared. So with UPTO, you not only drive a car safely, but as if it were your own – just more flexibly and without any hassle.

Subscriptions save time and money for companies too

The heart of the offer is vehicle management. The tedious organizing of tire changes, vehicle servicing or fuel invoices are therefore a thing of the past for companies. Everything is in the capable hands of UPTO’s professionals. This not only saves business customers time, which they can invest in their core business instead, but also goes easy on their budget.

American Express customers benefit twice

In summary, UPTO has recognized the trend towards choice and the consumer’s desire for flexibility and adapted it for the mobility sector. Put simply, UPTO’s offer makes car ownership, both private and business, at least as convenient as a leisurely Netflix afternoon.

Experience the new mobility and benefit from UPTO’s exclusive introductory offer – exclusively for American Express customers.

More information on upto.ch or at upto@axa.ch



Everyone can find the right mobility solution and everything from one single source here: Individuals and companies can subscribe to cars for a flexible length of time. The monthly price includes all expenses. UPTO’s mobility professionals also handle fleet management for companies.

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