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Berger de Faletans

"Berger de Faletans" creates sweet and savory delicacies that please the eye, soul, mind and palate alike. You can see, taste and hear this as the enthusiastic cries of "yummy" from the shop and its tea room even reach you from afar.


From sweet and savory pastries to sandwiches, chocolate and ice cream – at "Berger de Faletans" everything is homemade from the best ingredients. You can enjoy the delicacies on the road or in the tea room, or have some of them wrapped up to take away. The mission at "Berger de Faletans" is as simple as it is promising: to serve such delicious treats that customers come back for more. And they do. Nevertheless, "Berger de Faletans" is still a real insider tip in Geneva.