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Tech pioneers developed them over 120 years ago, and today they are experiencing their biggest boom: electric vehicles. We are reaching our destination by electric power ever faster, more comfortably, and more environmentally friendly on roads, mountain paths, rails, on the water, and even in the skies today.


Pioneers of locomotion

The first electric car rattled along the streets of Paris in 1881. Gustave Trouvé, the inventor, was at the wheel. Since his “Trouvé tricycle” only had three wheels instead of four, it is not strictly speaking an electric car – you could say Trouvé designed a hybrid of an e-car and e-bike. The first real electric car was built a few years later in Germany at “Maschinenfabrik A. Flocken”. Switzerland also had some pioneers at this time, such as Johann Albert Tribelhorn, who not only built electric commercial vehicles, fire trucks, and delivery vans, but also boats. Despite the many developers, electric vehicles had a hard time gaining a foothold for decades, because the heavy weight of the batteries prevented them from competing with gasoline-powered vehicles.

Charging anywhere

Today, e-cars have a long range – but you need to charge them regularly on longer trips. "evpass" is perfect for this. With the largest Swiss charging network, you can recharge your batteries (almost) anywhere. Founded in 2016 and part of Shell since 2023, the company operates over 3,000 charging stations throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein. And if you drive further across the state border, thousands of additional charging stations are available. Thanks to the integrated cables and plugs, the charging stations are suitable for all types of electric vehicles – and easy to operate.

Steel wheels and two wheels

Electric transport in Switzerland was also set up alongside the roads at an early stage: The Swiss railroad network has long provided environmentally friendly and, above all, comfortable transportation. The complex timetable systems require clever coordination – in Switzerland, 1.16 million passengers use SBB trains every day. But electromobility is also popular on two wheels: E-bikes like those from “Miloo” are steadily becoming more popular.

Transport of the future

Electromobility is more than a trend. Electric drives are establishing themselves as a pioneering mobility solution in all areas – including air traffic. Electric aircraft are literally taking off and revolutionizing travel. Anyone interested in learning more about electric aviation and its innovations will be attending the only fly-in event in Europe in September: The “Electrifly-In Switzerland” is being held in Belp – at the airport, of course.

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