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Protect yourself against fraud

Ensure your cashless payment transactions are secure. How to recognize card fraud and what to look out for.


Fraud with stolen or counterfeit cards is often noticed by the way the customer behaves. Be particularly wary in the following situations:

  • The customer knows the card number by heart or reads it off a piece of paper.
  • The customer buys identical goods indiscriminately or without advice.
  • The customer looks at the signature on the card first before signing.
  • The customer pays smaller amounts with the card in quick succession.
  • The customer wants the total amount to be divided over several receipts or cards.
  • The card is signed in rough felt-tip pen – as the original signature may have been written over.
  • The customer immediately presents a second or third card after the first card payment has been declined.
  • The customers’ identity or behavior makes you suspicious.
  • The customer changes the delivery address for the purchased goods at the last minute after payment.

In these cases, you may not accept the card for payment:

  • The customer asks you to add a different date to the manually produced payment receipt.
  • The word VOID (invalid) is printed on the card.
  • The customer objects to you making inquiries with the approval service.
  • The customer does not have their credit card with them and asks you to enter it manually into the terminal.

In all these cases, please call our free approval service immediately. You can reach it round the clock on the number 044 659 66 66.

Thank you for helping to prevent card fraud. You can find all our information about this on page 14 in the American Express Partner handbook.