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Guerlain Paris, since 1828

Guerlain is the Parisian alchemist that pursues an infinite quest for wonder of senses and crafts artistic beauty from Nature, since 1828. As a House of High Perfumery and High Cosmetics, it elevated bespoke to the level of Art. This is what makes it exceptional.


The Vision: beauty for nearly two hundred years

The House of Guerlain has been driven since its beginnings by a resolutely contemporary spirit and has built itself with an absolute obsession: to be at the cutting edge and avant-garde and to show the way to Beauty. Its nearly two centuries of history are proof of this.


L’Art & La Matière: an exceptional gift for an unforgettable Christmas

Through the Haute Parfumerie olfactory masterpieces, the L’Art & La Matière collection selects the finest raw materials to reveal an unprecedented daring facet through powerfully creative eaux de parfum – each and every one a dream Christmas gift.


The art of personalization

For a final touch of magic, the L’Art & La Matière bottles can be personalized to make every fragrance unique and specially designed with the recipient in mind.

For Christmas, the Turkish jeweler Begüm Khan has brought to life fantastic animals in five jewelry plates in limited edition. Handcrafted in Istanbul, each jewelry plate is meticulously paved with hundreds of gems in shimmering hues, celebrating the magic that has been a driving force for Guerlain since its earliest beginnings.


Enchant your home with the art of living creations

A collection specially dedicated to the home, L’Art de Vivre perfumes one’s living space with Guerlain’s unmistakably Parisian je ne sais quoi.

Standing as perfect complements to the eaux de parfum in the L’Art & La Matière collection, these signatures are brought to life by candle flame or diffuser. Just as travels have shaped the lives of the Guerlains, who remain on a perpetual quest for raw materials, each scent is the reflection of a new getaway, picked from the olfactory memory of the perfumers.


The Christmas Exceptional Piece

For this festive season, the Turkish jeweler Begüm Khan has created Imagine Guerlain 2023 Millésime, enhancing the iconic Bee Bottle, which is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year.

Depicting an imperial bee at the heart of a radiant golden flower, immortalizing a fleeting moment at the heart of the House’s history.

Begüm Khan has crafted this decoration in 24-carat gold-plated bronze. In an eminently poetic, asymmetric design, the bee-flower duo exudes an enchanting aura, with the bee majestically showcased by 37 sparkling hand-set paved gems.

Endow your loved ones with luxurious beauty

Enchanting scents, artistically personalized bottles, designs sparkling with magic and jars filled with nature’s essence of beauty – let Guerlain inspire you to make someone special in your life an equally special gift. Compliments of the season!

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