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American Express® Gold Card

Globus Shopping Credit

For exceptional shopping moments: Benefit from an annual credit worth CHF 50 when you shop at Globus. When you pay with your American Express® Gold Card at Globus, you receive a credit worth CHF 50 for purchases of CHF 200 or more.1

American Express® Gold Card

Benefit from the Globus Shopping Credit


Receive Globus credit

It’s this easy to get the shopping credit worth CHF 50 every year: Look around the Globus store near you or browse the Globus online store. Shop for at least CHF 200 and pay by American Express® Gold Card. The amount of CHF 50 is automatically credited to the corresponding credit card account.

1 The principal cardholder of an American Express® Gold Card issued by Swisscard will receive a credit of CHF 50 once a year for a purchase made by the principal cardholder or additional cardholder using the American Express® Gold Card at Globus amounting to at least CHF 200 (incl. VAT). This amount is generally credited to the principal cardholder’s card account by Swisscard within a week.