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Paul Cabayé: sun-drenched fine dining on the Eiger

The “Glacier” restaurant in Grindelwald has been doing pioneering work in the field of sustainable and environmentally responsible fine dining for years. Chef de Cuisine Paul Cabayé is right at the forefront.


He didn’t actually want to become a chef. But when he completed his first internship in a kitchen at the age of 14, Paul Cabayé fell in love with the art of cooking. Today, at the “Glacier” boutique hotel & restaurant in Grindelwald, he combines ingredients from nature to create unique dishes and conjures up veritable explosions of flavor using regional products.

From the big city of Paris to the Bernese Alps

Paul Cabayé first came into contact with cooking when, at the age of 14, he was allowed to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a professional kitchen during an internship in the metropolis of Paris. He was grabbed by a passion for the world of gastronomy and decided to attend culinary school. On his journey as a chef, which ultimately brought him to Grindelwald, the young talent commuted back and forth between France, Luxembourg and Switzerland. He came into contact with the most prestigious personalities from the world of gastronomy and was able to pick up numerous prestigious awards himself at a young age, including the “Cuisinier d’Or 2021”.

Slow and steady wins the race

The secret recipe for Paul Cabayé’s success story? Time. The young Michelin-starred chef does not want to live up to the preconception that everything in a professional kitchen is hectic and stressful. For him, high-quality cooking is a mixture of respect for the products and enough time for individual chefs to develop their creativity. Paul Cabayé focuses on plant-based cuisine, placing fresh herbs in the spotlight at all times. Every morning, Paul sets off between the high mountain peaks of Grindelwald in search of the perfect herbs to add to his creations.


In harmony with nature

The Chef de Cuisine is inspired daily by the breathtaking scenery in which his place of work is nestled. In the heart of the Jungfrau region and at the foot of the north face of the Eiger, the “Glacier” restaurant is located in one of the most impressive places in Switzerland. Preserving the beauty of this nature is a matter close to Paul Cabayé’s heart. In this respect, he has found the perfect partner in the “Glacier” boutique hotel & restaurant, as the sustainable use of natural resources is right at the top of the list here. For example, 100% solar power is used for cooking and products from local producers are prioritized in the kitchen. Paul Cabayé also has a personal connection with nature and spends his free time trail running through Grindelwald’s mountain landscape.


Together outside the kitchen too

Experiencing, enjoying and growing together: The kitchen staff at the “Glacier” boutique hotel & restaurant are like a family. Their passion for culinary delights has brought them all to the Bernese Alps and Paul enjoys being surrounded by a team that shares this passion with him. According to Paul, this also includes not counting the hours, because if you are passionate about your work, time flies by anyway.


A sensuous highlight

Cabayé also takes the necessary time for his signature dish – marinated Alpine salmon. The fish is refined with gin and other ingredients for 12 hours before being seared on the grill. The dish is rounded off with fresh herbs, which are hand-picked by Paul every day.

Chef Portrait: Paul Cabayé