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Markus Stöckle: treats with a twist

Pink tables, family atmosphere and the very best dining experience: Welcome to “ROSI”, the neo-restaurant. Innovative chef Markus Stöckle looks to the gastronomic future with an eye on the past and offers his guests a culinary roller coaster ride.


The neo-restaurant’s chef

Markus Stöckle grew up on an organic farm in the Allgäu region and was fascinated by the energy in the kitchen from an early age. After completing his classical training to become a chef, he furthered his career at various top kitchens in Europe. The most formative position for him was that with innovative restaurateur Heston Blumenthal at London’s “The Fat Duck”, where he met his life and business partner Elif Oskan. Together they have been reinventing traditional cuisine at “ROSI” since 2018 and at “Gül” since 2019.

The most unusual "Wirtshaus" in Zurich

If a blue and white interior and lederhosen spring to mind when you think of Bavarian food establishments, these stereotypes will be shattered when you enter “ROSI”, if not before. Markus Stöckle takes a new, inventive approach to his local cuisine – and it shows on the menu: The home cooking with a twist is inspired by the court master of the fairytale king Ludwig II, Johann Rottenhöfer. At “ROSI” guests can immerse themselves in the Bavarian history and way of life without ever getting bored, because: Simplicity and complexity are not mutually exclusive here. A well-deserved 16 GaultMillau points and constantly booked tables affirm that this approach is going down well.

Surprises on a silver platter

The team at “ROSI” encourages you to rediscover culturally relevant stories through eating – always with a twinkle in their eye and a few crazy touches. If you want to enjoy top cuisine in a family atmosphere and are ready for surprises like helium balloons filled with schnapps, a reservation at “ROSI” is highly recommended. American Express Platinum Card members benefit twice: Platinum Travel & Lifestyle Service takes care of customers’ requests 24/7 and makes it easier to get a reservation at the top restaurant, which is almost always fully booked. Members also get to enjoy an additional surprise course – either an original appetizer or fine dessert.

Combat homesickness

One of the dishes with a permanent place on the menu, is Markus Stöckle’s favorite: His mother’s Käsespätzle, which takes him back to being at home. The fluffy soufflé-like Spätzle are created by stirring and mixing the dough with a tangy cheese mixture. The dish follows the “ROSI” philosophy: minimal effort, maximum satisfaction. You can create something very special for at home with just a few ingredients.

Recipe to cook yourself

Chef Portrait: Markus Stöckle