American Express® Card

The original: the American Express credit card

American Express® Card

Free: 1st annual fee
Save CHF 140 in the first year (annual fee subsequent years: CHF 140).

Your reward
Exclusive advantages thanks to the unique bonus program: Membership Rewards®

Selects SM
Unique offers from select American Express partners

Contactless payments
Make purchases up to CHF 80 even more conveniently and quickly.

Award-winning Membership Rewards® bonus program

Collect unlimited points:Collect unlimited points:

  • Every purchase is worth it with your credit card (CHF 2 = 1 bonus point)
  • Your points never expire, as long as you are the holder of an American Express Card.
  • The additional card also collects points

Unlimited rewards:

  • Find the reward you want in the online shop
  • You can redeem your points whenever you want
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Selects – offers for the American Express credit card

  • Select extras for you
  • Enjoy attractive offers specially for American Express members
  • The special concessions from our partners will surprise you
  • Near you, worldwide and even online
  • In the categories travel and leisure, shopping, restaurants and entertainment
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American Express® Card with Mobile Payment

  • The easy way to pay
  • Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your American Express Card using Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. It’s the easy, secure and private way to pay.
  • You can pay simply and securely in shops or in apps when you are on the move
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Security with the American Express credit card

The American Express credit card offers you security and insurance protection1 all over the world.

When traveling:

  • Personal assistance – a free assistance and information service available round the clock
  • Transport Accident Insurance – pay for flights, public transport tickets, taxis or rental cars using your American Express credit card. You and all insured persons are well protected in the event of an accident using one of these forms of public transport.

When shopping:

  • Shop without any worries
  • If you pay for purchases using your credit card, they are insured against robbery, theft or damage for 90 days
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Personal service with the American Express credit card

  • Enjoy a service that assists you anytime. American Express is there for you. On the phone and online
  • Free replacement card. Generally within 24 hours in emergencies
  • Enjoy freedom. The American Express card has no fixed spending limit, adapting instead to your needs and financial means.
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Annual fee

  • Free: 1st annual fee
    Save CHF 140 in the first year (annual fee subsequent years: CHF 140).
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You can use our credit card comparison to compare the benefits of the American Express credit card with other cards.

1 Please refer to the General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) to obtain the exact provisions (including sums insured and exclusions of liability).

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