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Shop Small

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Support your neighborhood shops – shop local.

Switzerland is gradually taking small steps towards normality. Many shopping and restaurant businesses that have had to do without any income during the lockdown are allowed to reopen their doors.

And right now it is more relevant than ever: Shop local and support your neighborhood shops.

Do your weekly shopping in the shop around the corner, decorate your home with flowers from the neighborhood nursery or buy your meat from the old-established butcher’s shop at the end of the street. Your purchase makes a big difference!

Love where you live – and show it too!

#ShopSmallCH #supportyourlocalbusiness #paymenterlebnis

Impressed Shop Small members

Andrea Hinnen

Fashion designer

"American Express is involving a new target group – namely the small local shops."

Owner: Andrea Hinnen
ANDREA HINNEN, Rotwandstr. 53, 8004 Zurich

Christoph Züger

Owner Criz Shop Zurich

Owner: Christoph Züger
CRIZ, Militärstr. 115, 8004 Zurich

"I was able to acquire more customers by joining Shop Small."

A summary of all Shop Small businesses

On this map you will find all the neighborhood businesses in Bern, Lausanne, Zurich and Zug where you are welcome to use your American Express Card.

Eat & Drink

Explore your neighborhood

The trendiest neighborhood pubs
Short and sweet: Here we introduce you to particularly unusual, extremely creative or simply really beautiful neighborhood businesses.


Münstergasse 48, 3011 Bern

For dance, fitness and swimwear

Not just for ballerinas (and anyone dreaming of being one). At the Ballett Shop Bern, everyone can enjoy the wide selection of quality sportswear for dance, Pilates, artistic and apparatus gymnastics or general fitness training. What many don’t know: The neighborhood shop stocks the largest range of swimwear in the entire city. With over 300 bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis and pareos, every woman is guaranteed to find the perfect outfit for a stylish dive into the water. Bring on the swimming season.


Aarbergergasse 40, 3011 Bern

Whatever you like is allowed

In 1967, every Bern local knew this new neighborhood shop, which was one of the first to import jeans, streetwear and sportswear, bringing "coolness" from overseas to Switzerland. The shop and the range have changed over the years, based on the motto: Buy and sell what you like. In addition to the cult Aarebags, the Kitchener also offers clothing in various styles, accessories for home and life, natural products and much more today. And all the stuff from the Kitchener is still cool.


Herrengasse 36, 3011 Bern

Home accessories from MAISONART

Is your apartment due a redesign? Then you are definitely in the right place. Have lots of fun with the great home accessories from MAISONART. And if that’s not enough, you can get yourself a new set of clothes.


Schifflaube 52, 3011 Bern

Not any ordinary second-hand shop

The shop run by Alba Casanova is not any ordinary second-hand shop. A lot of style and commitment go into selling the carefully selected second-hand ladies’ dresses here.


Luisenstrasse 14, 3005 Bern

Organic pioneer

Coffee and croissants are an experience here. The fresh sandwiches and cakes leave nothing to be desired. Organic specialties, natural cosmetics and, of course, handcrafted food with a regional focus or social background are available in tried and tested Vatter quality. The young and professional team advises you on your daily shopping – from sweet presents to aftershave lotion.

Serge and Peppers

Rathausgasse 55, 3011 Bern

Rock and Roll at home

Serge Berthoud is behind the counter of the record store you trust. Since his shop is relatively small, he concentrates on new records and CDs. But the style ranges from indie to pop and rock to electro and folk. As long as it’s good music! However, Serge and Peppers will also organize anything you want and whatever is available and deliver your order to your home.

Take a glimpse behind our neighborhood shops’ windows and find out where their uniqueness comes from.


Gerechtigkeitsgasse 53, 3011 Bern

Art of Scent

Rathausgasse 49, 3011 Bern

Our insider tips for the most delicious food in the neighborhood – with a special ambiance, an unusual menu or a simply unforgettable culinary delight. Enjoy your meal!


Postgasse 49 / Gerechtigkeitsgasse 56, 3011 Bern

At Bern’s "moment", purists satisfy their hunger with authentic dishes without frills.

Back to basics: No-frills regional cuisine awaits you in the smart, two-story restaurant on Gerechtigkeitsgasse. It goes without saying that "moment" relies on seasonal Fairtrade ingredients from regional sources: At lunchtime you can get simple Japanese sandwiches and fresh dishes at fair prices, also as takeaway. In the evening you can choose from a small bistro menu or experience the whole "moment" story with a surprising Carte Blanche menu with four or five courses.

The wine list exclusively offers expertly selected natural wines, which allow for exciting discoveries. You can enjoy your moment either indoors or on the terrace when the weather is fine.


Wasserwerkgasse 7, 3011 Bern

This cinema on the Aare will not only delight you with a feast for the eyes, but for the palate too.

You can really be a guest here: On certain evenings at fixed times, the "cinématte" kitchen team puts together a first-class surprise three-course menu for you. The advantage: You don’t have to make any decisions and the "cinématte" chefs can devote their full attention to the current menu.

In addition, you will see a cinema blockbuster each time – cinematic gourmet evenings are guaranteed here. Alternatively there is a Sunday brunch or simply snacks and a glass of fine wine at the bar. On the wine list you will exclusively find Swiss specialties and rarities.


Kramgasse 49 / Münstergasse 44, 3011 Bern

History and indulgence are combined at the "Einstein Café & bel étage" – with great attention to detail.

Albert Einstein lived in Bern from 1903 to 1905. The "Einstein Café & bel étage" is also located in the historic, much-visited Einstein House on Kramgasse.

Classical European coffee house culture is interpreted here in a modern way: Bern’s top address for a delicious breakfast out offers Bircher muesli, a bread basket or a cheese platter in the morning. Antipasti and small, simple dishes such as beef tartare will help you keep hunger pangs at bay for the rest of the day. A refined setting over two floors invites you to while away the hours and completely forget about time and where you are.


Rathausplatz 8, 3011 Bern

A cozy nest for migrating birds, early birds, night owls and other typical Bernese birds.

Whether it’s quickly swallowing a tipple when passing by or sitting comfortably and gabbling to your heart’s content: In the "Volver BarTapasCafé" in the middle of Bern’s old town, there’s a place for all birds of a feather. "Volver" means "to return" in Spanish. So the restaurant’s guests often do precisely that with pleasure, there are surprising gastronomic gems from Spain and Switzerland to pick at.

Whether it’s for a cappuccino in the morning, pasta at lunchtime, chocolate cake in the afternoon or beer, wine and tapas in the evening. The "Volver" is small and lovely but its atmosphere is great!


Gurtengasse 4, 3011 Bern

This is the top address for discerning carnivores in the middle of Bern, in the middle of a department store.

Good department stores are upgrading the dining they offer: "ButchersTable" has had a successful start in Zurich and already has a branch in Bern. It is located in the "Loeb", but can be reached directly via a separate entrance.

Everything is decided in the chic restaurant at the meat counter, where the discerning carnivore chooses their favorite piece. Of course, connoisseurs do not choose the fillet, but the second cuts, carefully curated in collaboration with LUMA, or impressive côtes de bœuf from the maturing cabinet. Once the decision has been made, the good stuff goes into the kitchen, is prepared there professionally and finally served with the selected side dishes.

Casa Novo

Läuferplatz 6, 3011 Bern

Food culture

The Novo father and son present a small, wide-ranging menu with a clear Mediterranean focus at the established restaurant on the Aare. Their motto: "Dining out means coming home".

Eat & Drink

Explore your neighborhood

The trendiest neighborhood pubs
Short and sweet: Here we introduce you to particularly unusual, extremely creative or simply really beautiful neighborhood businesses.


Avenue de la Harpe 47, 1007 Lausanne-Ouchy

Specialist for board sports

Wakeboarders, wakeskaters, water skiers, stand-up paddlers, windsurfers, kite surfers, skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers – all board fans get their money’s worth at Get Wet. Behind the neighborhood shop, founded in 1986, is an owner with an endless passion for quirky and gliding sports that you will love. Whether you’re already a professional or are venturing onto the board of your choice for the first time – you can get the equipment and valuable expert tips at Get Wet.


Avenue de Cour 10, 1007 Lausanne

Equestrian sports par excellence

Horse riding is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle that is celebrated at this neighborhood shop using every trick in the book. As soon as you step through the door, a spectacular world of colors and smells opens up: magnificent riding helmets, sparkling stirrups, side by side with warm and fragrant brown leather. The founder of the prettily decorated boutique, Marina Gindrat, shares this passion with her clientele and therefore knows exactly what is really important.

Pompes Funèbres

Place de l’Europe 8, 1003 Lausanne

The address for shoe fanatics in Lausanne.

This popular shoe shop is located right at the start of the trendy Flon district. There is something for everyone here, from chic to fancy, trendy or extravagant.

Boutique Maniak

Rue de Genève 7, 1003 Lausanne

Dandy, grunge or goth

Everyone goes through one or more style phases in their life. Everyone shops at Maniak. This shop steeped in history discovered the style of youth as early as 1983. Clothes designed back then by Babette Morand, the founder, captured the spirit of the time exactly. The new English wave swept over the banks of Lausanne through Maniak in the 80s. And even today the label still dresses kids and adults en vogue.

Petit Toi

Rue Mathurin-Cordier 12, 1005 Lausanne

A really great world for children

Do you sometimes surf the net and wonder where all those cool kids’ rooms come from? Well thought out, with lots of ideas and storage space, cute designs and creative toys. Well, if you think you are rather untalented in craftsmanship and usually don’t quite get the style right for your child, we recommend Petit Toi. In addition to great services that are all about what your child wants and needs, Petit Toi also offers professional advice on children’s rooms.

You will receive a 3D image of the children’s room with various ideas in general for customers who do not live in Lausanne. After a bit of fine tuning, the selected objects are ordered and installed.

Royal Bloom

38, rue Marterey, 1005 Lausanne

Earth’s smile

Lois Vitry-Trapman has an extraordinary CV. After qualifying at the hotel management school in Lausanne, followed by another degree in interior design, she gained her inspiration on her many travels around the world.

She brings the world’s smile, that’s to say flowers, to you in different creations. Whether it’s to the office, to your event or simply to your home. All the works of art designed by Lois will bring you the joy of life.

Take a glimpse behind our neighborhood shops’ windows and find out where their uniqueness comes from.


Rue de Cotes de Montgenon 1, 1003 Lausanne


38, rue Marterey, 1005 Lausanne

Our insider tips for the most delicious food in the neighborhood – with a special ambiance, an unusual menu or a simply unforgettable culinary delight. Enjoy your meal!


Rue du Bourg 39, 1003 Lausanne

In this Lausanne gastro bar the beer is not only served in a glass but also on a plate.

Dr. Gab’s is a young, sustainable brewery in Puidoux. It all began with a homebrewing kit – today the Swiss craft beer pioneers produce everything from cool lagers to pale ale and stout, which we cool our throats with in summer with great pleasure.

In Lausanne, 20 minutes away, you can enjoy a selection of Dr. Gab’s beers and many other craft beers from Switzerland and around the world at the "Gab’s Lab" gastro pub. Your stomach does not go short here either: tapas or brunch at the weekend with the beer of your choice. Cheers!


Avenue d’Ouchy 43, 1006 Lausanne

A lot of Italy with a pinch of France – in the middle of Lausanne.

Lausanne’s residents and visitors to the city have enjoyed coming to the charming traditional "La Croix d’Ouchy" restaurant for more than three decades.

In the historic building dating from 1862 you can enjoy Italian specialties such as homemade pasta and risotto or typical French cuisine. With the right wine, you can let the balmy fall evenings fade away wonderfully on the garden terrace.


Avenue de France 38, 1004 Lausanne

The "KR Enfaim" provides a remedy for its own name – an insider tip in the middle of Lausanne.

The "KR Enfaim" with its mosaic floor and green walls may seem a bit eccentric at first glance.

But what awaits you in this restaurant in the heart of Lausanne is a familiar and cozy atmosphere: Enjoy spicy tapas and sophisticated dishes without any frills, drink a good coffee or an after-work beer from 5 p.m. – just like at your good friends’.


Esplanade de Montbenon, Allée Ernest-Ansermet 1, 1003 Lausanne

Lausanne’s top address for true sushi fans.

At "Myo", pure and natural flavors take center stage – along with the Japanese chefs with many years of experience in the kitchen. Every morning, they fillet the fresh, sustainable fish, delivered in one piece and serve you beautifully arranged sushi.

And even though the spotlight is clearly on fish at the "Myo": You will also find many other excellent dishes, from miso soup to beef entrecôte on the menu. The icing on the cake: You can enjoy the fresh creations on probably the most beautiful terrace in Lausanne.

Green Gorilla Café

Rue du Grand-Pont 12, 1003 Lausanne

The Green Gorilla all started with a simple idea: the best food for customers. This has resulted in a range of superfood products for all needs.

The Green Gorilla loves a healthy diet. It drinks vitamin-packed fruit cocktails and smoothies, appreciates powerful acai bowls, granolas and salads and finally treats itself to one of the famous coffees with piled up milk foam.

This small restaurant in the city center is worth a detour. Anyone venturing onto the green carpet of grass is rewarded with a lot of energy and good humor.


Av. du Tribunal Féderal 2, 1005 Lausanne

Viva Peru!

Even if you can’t board a plane at the moment and shouldn’t be traveling, you can always take a culinary trip to far away places and bring the world home to you. Like with South American food, for example.

Tayta delivers Peruvian empanadas to you. Seven different flavors, accompanied by homemade sauces, with alfajores and banana chips for dessert. Why would you ever want to leave the house again?

Eat & Drink

Explore your neighborhood

The trendiest neighborhood pubs
Short and sweet: Here we introduce you to particularly unusual, extremely creative or simply really beautiful neighborhood businesses.


Lagerstrasse 10, 8004 Zurich

Better than new

Isa Schindler, a passionate mountaineer, always had far too much functional clothing hanging in her cupboard that was still as good as new – there should be a second-hand shop for outdoor articles. No sooner thought than done – and now Zurich can enjoy the first store of its kind. Nature enthusiasts with a passion for the environment love the concept: Functional clothing is robust and durable, but this is only possible with chemicals. So it is worth extending their life cycle to the max. And so the clothes you buy at 2nd Peak are just as good as new – only cheaper and more sustainable.


Molkenstrasse 20, 8004 Zurich

The fish whisperer

The shop in Kreis 4 has been around for over 80 years, and André Bleiker has been welcoming you behind the counter for a quarter of a century. An enthusiastic angler himself, he knows all the tricks and in which waters you will find which fish and which bait will lead to success. Whether you’re young or old, a beginner, occasional angler or already experienced, you’re in just the right place for your hobby at Andy’s Fischershop. Die-hard fans even rumor that "Andy can get anything" the angler’s heart desires.


Lagerstrasse 10, 8004 Zurich

Good karma!

2nd Peak and Rework share a shop space on Europaallee. Rework is also all about sustainability. Rework collections are produced in a resource-saving way out of second-hand clothes, which are sewn together again in specially organized workshops in India and Thailand. The upcycling design concept allows the cuts to be adapted to the spirit of the times, and yet each piece remains a one-off. Rework transforms the textile chain into a cycle. Fashion can be this clever and meaningful.

Schwarzenbach Kolonialwaren

Münstergasse 19, 8001 Zurich

Unique experience

Where does the coffee I bought come from and how was this wine produced? We are asking ourselves questions like this more and more often. Professional advice and the origin of products are becoming increasingly important to us. The staff at Schwarzenbach are only too happy to answer these questions. An assortment of over 3,000 different articles leaves nothing to be desired.

Boutique Cara

Spitalgasse 5, 8001 Zurich

From the lingerie to coat

Owner Lilo Aebi sees every customer as an individual. Everything can be perfectly combined, from the lingerie to coat. Special feature: The boutique also opens outside the official opening hours for the businesswoman of today.


Quellenstrasse 6, 8005 Zurich

Concept Store

In the Nordic-style concept store you will not only find all kinds of great things for yourself, for your home or for your child. No, here you are also supporting a work integration program for young people.


Strassburgstrasse 10, 8004 Zürich

Marvel & company in the living room

The ANALPH Comic Shop is not actually made for the digital age, because it writes the N in its name upside down. A letter that the computers of this world do not know. Analph is a shop packed with comics in all genres, where imagination knows no bounds.

Analph has hundreds of books in stock that are piling up in the shop because of the canceled FUMETTO FESTIVAL.

Take a glimpse behind our neighborhood shops’ windows and find out where their uniqueness comes from.


Lagerstrasse 102, 8004 Zurich


Feldstrasse 62, 8004 Zurich


Militärstrasse 115, 8004 Zurich

Our insider tips for the most delicious food in the neighborhood – with a special ambiance, an unusual menu or a simply unforgettable culinary delight. Enjoy your meal!


Spitalgasse 12, 8001 Zurich

The sandwich paradise in the heart of the "Dörfli" leaves nothing to be desired.

Whether it’s pastrami, fondue or vegan: The sandwiches at this tiny takeaway taste better than almost anywhere else. When you step over the threshold of the "al paso" in Zurich’s Niederdorf district, you’ll find yourself right in front of the glass display case that presents all the sandwiches of the day.

Most of them end up on the hot plate briefly, some are put together by the host à la minute. And they impress without exception. There are also delicious soups or scrumptious salads. Ideal when you need something quick, but want it to be tasty, balanced and healthy.


Zweierstrasse 114, 8003 Zurich

This young, vegan cuisine with the wow factor even inspires avowed meat eaters.

The restaurant, which opened in District 3 at the beginning of the year, takes its name from the German "Sauerklee" – a plant that has been eaten in almost every part of the world for thousands of years.

The "KLE" also suits such a wide range of tastes because it is a true revelation: Everything you are served here is made with seasonal, local, plant-based products. The vegan dishes are inspired by North African and Mexican cuisine – and so delicious that they even appeal to meat eaters.


Fröhlichstrasse 39, 8008 Zurich

A visit to this indulgent living room on the outskirts of Seefeld is also worthwhile for non-residents.

This absolute insider tip on the outskirts of Seefeld quarter only has 16 seats and feels like a cozy living room. Sitting between bookshelves filled with cookbooks and wine bottles that cover entire walls, in "f39" you will be served modern 3 to 9-course menus inspired by French cuisine, which thanks to Japanese influences are very light and change as often as nature does.

The two passionate young chefs purchase their exquisite ingredients exclusively from farms with biodynamic production. It’s worth coming from further away just for this!


Oberdorfstrasse 20, 8001 Zurich

A cultural paradise in the old town that connects what is important in Zurich.

The "Weisse Wind" on Oberdorfstrasse actively cultivates its long tradition. This important place for social life combines a restaurant and guild house, in-house specialties, and a stage for art and culture. It is continuing the building’s 700-year history and its rooms inspire every day anew with stories about food, drink and culture.

Hearty dishes are a regular feature on the menu – but not exclusively. Seasonal, varied specialties and vegetarian dishes are also available. At the "Weisse Wind", you will experience how a piece of culture is being taken into the future in Zurich’s old town.


Hohlstrasse 78, 8004 Zurich

You can now save yourself the trip to Italy. Everything smells of holidays on the most beautiful terrace in district 4.

The people who run the Schönau pay even more attention to the origin of the food to ensure that hunger is also satisfied sustainably. The restaurant tries to do its bit towards ecologically correct nutrition with high-quality products from controlled animal husbandry and farming.

The kitchen team conjures up seasonal dishes for nature and a rumbling tummy and makes sure that hungry mouths get their money’s worth in terms of quality.

The Schönau is known for sociable evenings and for "soul food" to share.


Rotwandstrasse 62, 8004 Zurich

Always welcome

The hosts Jérôme and Nadine do a great job. You always feel welcome here and after a short time you will be treated like a friend of the business. The cooking is also done as if it’s just their best friends coming to the restaurant. Great importance is attached to regionality, short transport routes and animal welfare.

Gelateria di Berna

Weststrasse 196, 8003 Zurich

Gelati make you happy

At Gelateria di Berna there are so many types of ice cream that you can really try something different every time. The owners of this family-owned ice cream parlor learned their trade in Italy. And just like in Italy, the gelateria fulfills a social role and enhances the neighborhood.

Eat & Drink

Explore your neighborhood

The trendiest neighborhood pubs
Short and sweet: Here we introduce you to particularly unusual, extremely creative or simply really beautiful neighborhood businesses.


Aabachstrasse 10, 6300 Zug

Ready to roll

Bikers feel right at home in this shop: The customers also benefit from the family atmosphere that the team fosters among themselves. Transparency is a top priority here. Whether you’re buying a new bike, need suitable equipment or bringing your bike for a service – the crew makes many things possible, advises you professionally and knows what they are talking about. As many of the products are tested by themselves and only those found to be good, go on sale.

Bosch Fashion

Neugasse 21, 6300 Zug

Antique furniture and more

The Bosch couple complement each other wonderfully. While Rudolf Bosch restores antique furniture, his wife Ruth kits this shop out with clothes made of natural materials. (under reconstruction)


St.-Oswalds-Gasse 12, 6300 Zug

Beautiful things for women

Scarves, jewelry or sensual fragrances, are mixed into a wonderful potpourri by owner Scarlet Oerlemans in her shop. French music and fresh flowers accentuate her flair.

Buchhandlung Susanne Giger

Sankt-Oswalds-Gasse 14, 6300 Zug

Literary exchange

AEven though Susanne Giger’s bookstore is not exactly the smallest in the world, it is rather small with its 20 square meters. But what is even more wondrous is the excellent range of literature that Ms. Giger offers in a very small space. She also likes to take time for literary exchange and tries to source books that are already out of print for you. Let yourself be enchanted by works that you would not find easily otherwise.

Our insider tips for the most delicious food in the neighborhood – with a special ambiance, an unusual menu or a simply unforgettable culinary delight. Enjoy your meal!


Vorstadt 8, 6300 Zug

An authentic little corner of Austria not far from Lake Zug.

Felix Franz’s Austro cuisine, which he confidently calls "imperial" and celebrates directly on the lake promenade, has a long tradition in Zug.

The native Styrian has been paying homage to his homeland in the "zum Kaiser Franz" for about two decades: Tafelspitz, pancake soup, Austrian pancakes, pumpkin seed oil and Kaiserschmarrn. The wine list is also an Austrophile with a nice mixture of well-known winegrowers and unknown provenances, which the host selects himself. You are an emperor or empress for a few hours here.


Kolinplatz 10, 6300 Zug

A traditional restaurant that inspires old-established Zug residents and city visitors alike.

The "Aklin" in Zug’s old town is a restaurant like something out of a picture book. History and tradition flow out of every crack of the venerable building, founded in 1787. You can take a seat in several rooms with low ceilings and also outside in the medieval alley in the summer.

Tradition also dominates the menu: At the "Aklin" you can enjoy classics such as "Leberli" (a traditional fried liver dish), perch fillets, Tournedos, Cordons bleus, Chateaubriand or snails in the pan. Seasonality and regionality are particularly important here – so there is a different menu for every season.


Ober-Altstadt 1, 6301 Zug

The authentic, original taste of ingredients is a priority in the "Rathauskeller".

You will find one of the best addresses in the Swiss fine dining scene (16 GaultMillau points) in the picturesque Altgässchen on Lake Zug: Only the freshest natural products are turned into truly indulgent compositions in the "Rathauskeller".

The culinary creations are characterized by the respectful handling of their ingredients. Here you can witness how the authentic, original taste is elicited out of vegetables, meat or fish and their very unique flavors are revealed to the full. Quality is guaranteed at the "Rathauskeller"!


Pilatusstrasse 1, 6300 Zug

This unconventional restaurant is always good for a surprise.

The "Kurioz Bar & Kitchen" is the perfect mix between neighborhood charm and city bustle. Its ideal location in the center of Zug also contributes to this: The neighborhood bar is in fact located right at the end of platform 4 at Zug train station.

In this urban yet homely ambiance you can enjoy delicious lunch or exciting surprise menus and forget about time with refreshing after-work drinks.

im Hof

Zeughausgasse 18, 6300 Zug

The menu, which is written daily on the black board, is clear and exquisite.

As the name suggests (in the courtyard), the restaurant with lounge is located in an inner courtyard in the old town of Zug.

Different superbly and freshly prepared daily menus are conjured up from hand-picked ingredients. The ingredients are sourced from the region wherever possible or delivered directly from Italy, by producers who the owner Claudio Savi knows personally. This is also the case with the wines, so the boss himself can make a personal recommendation.

If you still don’t want to go home after that, treat yourself to a gin in the lounge and choose from a selection of over 100 varieties.


Grafenauweg 6, 6300 Zug

At home in American

The Meating restaurant is young, innovative and with a local focus. Meat lovers get their money’s worth here just as much as vegetarians. A daily selection of lunch menus and regular changes to the evening menu show that there is something for every taste.

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