Multifaceted in the truest sense

The history of Gübelin goes back to the year 1854. Originally founded as a watchmaking company, this Swiss family-owned business also encompasses their own jewelry brand, Gübelin Jewellery; a top quality watch brand portfolio; an independent gem lab; and the Gübelin Academy. Raphael Gübelin now leads the company as the sixth generation of the family and continues its history and spirit of entrepreneurship.


Craftsmanship of the highest quality

This pooling of expert knowledge of jewelry, watches and gemstones is unique. It stems from the Gübelin family history, as well as the family’s appreciation of beauty, knowledge, authenticity and craftsmanship.

Deeply Inspired

This blend of beauty and knowledge encapsulates the company’s “Deeply Inspired” philosophy, where the aim is a deep understanding of gemstones, jewelry and watches. In their Swiss boutiques, Gübelin carries a first class selection of the most coveted luxury watch brands, and connoisseurs will benefit from the House’s long tradition of watchmaking. Allow yourself to be persuaded in the e-boutique from Gübelin. 

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Keeping things ticking

The foundation stone for the traditional company "Uhrsachen" was laid over 100 years ago by the great-grandfather of today’s business owner Dominik Maegli with the opening of the "Bijouterie Maegli”" in Olten. In the meantime, the family business is already being run by the fourth generation and has ventured a new opening in Bern. It’s worth visiting the "Uhrsachen" branch at 19 Kramgasse: It is the perfect complement to the existing watch and jewelry shops in Olten and Solothurn.

A passion for traditional craftsmanship

At the tender age of 27, US engineer and watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones was already deputy director and managing director of one of the leading watch manufacturers in the USA at the time. At a time when most young men were trying their luck in the West, Jones set out in the opposite direction: As a pioneer and adventurer, his goal was to combine traditional Swiss craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques from his homeland. Unfortunately, his business idea fell on deaf ears among specialists in the Geneva region and the remote valleys of western Switzerland, the Swiss watchmaking hot spots.