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Hato, Luzern

The best flavors and finest wines await you with a unique experience at this fine dining Asian restaurant.


At “HATO”, you enter a world of pleasure for all the senses. Savor fine Asian cuisine, be beguiled by exotic and familiar smells and admire the small works of art on the plates that the talented chefs create for you. There are purist edamame and sushi (also vegetarian), classic pulled pork, ceviche or tuna taco. Anything from the wok is highly recommended: Nikkei beef, honey chicken or baked cauliflower. In addition, “HATO” serves you classic fried rice, broccoli with ginger or fried eggplant. Round off the indulgent pleasure by ordering the perfect accompanying wine for your menu from the large selection on offer.

At “HATO Lucerne” situated in “The Hotel”, you dine in a cosmopolitan ambiance in a class of its own: The work by award-winning architect Jean Nouvel meets interior design by Judith Schleicher. Experience the holistic “HATO” concept – a must for connoisseurs.

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