Burger King

When you take a hearty bite into the burger, the fine roasted aromas from the beef grilled over an open flame rise up to tantalize your senses, the lettuce leaf crunches, the creamy mayonnaise mixes with the fresh, fruity ketchup – mmmhhh.


The ingredients for pure indulgence have remained almost unchanged at “Burger King” for over sixty years. Whether you’re making grilled burgers or crispy fries, real food just tastes better. That’s why “Burger King” has banned all artificial preservatives and colorings as well as all artificial flavors from its kitchens in Switzerland.

And that is by no means all: For all those who prefer to go without meat, “Burger King” offers really delicious burgers with halloumi or purely vegetable patties based on soy, wheat and fine herbs. Discover the Plant-Based WHOPPER®, the Halloumi King or the Double Halloumi King for big appetites now!