Up to 3,000 meters by e-mountain bike

"ꞌHaute Routeꞌ stands for the journey from one place to another, and over the highest peaks," Maxence Carron explains with sparkling eyes. He founded "e-Alps" together with Adrià Mercadé in 2019 and has been offering specially developed high-altitude tours for e-mountain biking ever since – the ultimate summer adventure that is doable for everyone.


Crossing the Alps at the highest point

"Haute Route" is a magical term for many mountain enthusiasts. It refers to the world-famous ski and glacier tour that leads from Chamonix in France across the glaciers and peaks of the Valais Alps to Zermatt. The "Hautes Routes" for e-mountain biking, which are offered by "e-Alps", do not lead over glaciers, but over no less spectacular single trails. "We cross the Alps at their highest points together," enthuses the founder of "e-Alps". The e-mountain bike makes this unique experience possible for practically everyone aged between 14 and 74: The built-in electric motor doesn’t give you any altitude gain, but it makes the "climb" much easier.

Emotional highs guaranteed

For example, the tour from the tranquil mountain village of La Sage (1,668 m above sea level) up to the Col de Torrent (2,916 m above sea level) takes just under three hours. The entire trail can be ridden except for a few meters of altitude below the pass. As soon as we reach the top, the curtain of clouds lifts and it is not just the 1,300 meters of altitude you have conquered that take your breath away, but above all the sight of the majestic snow peaks all around. Maxence Carron is convinced, "The tours can be done by everyone and are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face."

A breathtaking playground

The Valais Alps impress even experienced alpinists: More than 40 snow-covered four-thousand-meter peaks tower here at the ends of steeply rising valley sides. Crossing them is the consummate outdoor adventure. What Maxence Carron particularly appreciates about his homeland: "The Valais Alps are a biker’s dream. There are trails that can still be ridden up to 2,500 meters altitude. They are a fantastic playground that you won’t find anywhere else." Die-hard mountain bikers have known for a long time: The Valais trails are among the best in the entire Alpine region. Due to the large differences in altitude, you cross several vegetation levels. The character of the trails also changes constantly: from rocky and sandy in alpine terrain to endless flowing trails through larch forests.

A mountain adventure for everyone

In addition to the original 7-day version of the "e-Haute Route", the clever mountain biker has also developed a somewhat shorter tour from Verbier for beginners. The technically simpler "Family & Friends Haute Route", which takes just four days, is also very popular: "We have had a 70-year-old couple, parents with teenagers and a 30-year-old daughter with her mother with us, and all of them mastered the shared experience and greatly appreciated it." Sufficient breaks are of course planned for every tour: Because the stage stops, including snacks with regional specialties and overnight stays in authentic accommodation, make a "Route à la e-Alps" a unique adventure that you won’t forget in a hurry.

The Haute Route e-mountain bike tour


The land of trails and traditions

Grimentz — a mountain village straight out of a picture book.


An additive paradise of e-bike trails

Epic trails in a wild lunar landscape, without a soul in sight, are a sheer delight.


240 kilometres and 12,100 altitude metres

That's the distance you'll cover on the 7-day e-Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt.