Urban art meets nature

Vero and Marco Schmid are the urban art couple "QueenKong". The source of inspiration for their ideas is nature. Which is why Lucerne is perfect for their art – because nowhere else do the city and nature belong together as closely as in the city on Pilatus mountain.


Home is where the spray cans are

Vero and Marco Schmid traveled together around the world for two years, financing the trip by painting walls. "QueenKong" was born in New York in 2009, when the two sprayed their artist’s name on a wall under their artwork for the first time at the legendary "5 Pointz" mural space. During their travels, they realized that their home town was ideal for their art. Today they work in their Lucerne studio, which is located right next to the railway tracks in the middle of the city, but at the same time affords them a view of their local mountain, Pilatus.

Nature as a source of inspiration

They embellish urban centers with their works on the walls of buildings, which can be up to 40 meters high. However, their motifs are unusual for the urban art scene. Their paintings mainly depict natural subjects, such as animals, waters, mountains. This is another reason why Lucerne is the perfect place to live and work for the artist couple. It takes just over an hour to reach the summit of Pilatus mountain from the city center – the ideal place to recharge your batteries and find inspiration. "Pilatus is spectacular. The way it is always just standing there radiating calm, the effect it has on the city," Vero explains her love for the local mountain. What she and Marco observe and experience high up on the "Dragon Mountain" they later paint on urban house walls. Their sketchbook is their constant companion, whether it’s high up on the mountain or down by the water or in the city.

Urban art as a mouthpiece for the city

"Street art is something that changes a cityscape, and in a way it’s also a mouthpiece," Marco Schmid explains. It can upgrade neighborhoods, increasing their value. For example, he and Vero painted an entire house at Bernstrasse 62 in Lucerne. A giant bear adorns the building, attracting attention, and transforming a virtually invisible house into a real eye-catcher by Vero and Marco. As the couple walk through their city and check out their murals, a certain sense of satisfaction sets in. Making the feeling of having settled down in the right place even stronger.

There’s nowhere else on earth where town and nature are so closely allied


Nature as a source of inspiration

Marco and Vero consider the work with the Pilatus above.


Mountain experiences close to the city

The view of Lace Lucerne.


The lake – another world

Swimming in Lake Lucerne with its panoramic mountain views is something you’ll never forget.