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Tables at the most exclusive and coveted restaurants are often already reserved weeks in advance. Platinum Service can organize you a table at your chosen restaurants around the world. Thanks to the excellent international Platinum Service network, you can often get a table at short notice even in the most popular restaurants. You can also come to us for the best tips to discover new culinary highlights in all corners of the world.

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Relæ, Copenhagen

  • Relæ, Kopenhagen

Christian Puglisi, formerly of Noma, opened the Relæ in 2010. The kitchen focuses on simplicity, while the philosophy promises pure enjoyment with no fuss. And this is precisely why this establishment is celebrated locally as well. There is a vegetarian menu, plus one with meat, and sustainability is extremely important.

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Vinkeles, Amsterdam

  • Vinkeles, Amsterdam

The "Vinkeles" in Amsterdam offers French cuisine that is somewhere between classic and luxurious in style. Chef de cuisine Dennis Kuipers uses only carefully selected ingredients of the season for his seasonal menus. He pays equal attention to the palate and to the eye: His dishes are all presented in his own unique style.

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Jacobs Restaurant, Hamburg

  • Jacobs Restaurant, Hamburg

Thomas Martin and his team are still busily interpreting classic haute cuisine at Jacobs Restaurant in Hamburg. The key to his success: The main product is the star, and highly-flavored sauces complete the perfection. One of the best sommeliers in Germany ensures that the dishes are all accompanied by the right wines: Torsten Junker.

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Fischereihafen, Hamburg

  • Fischereihafen, Hamburg

The Fischereihafen restaurant has been closely linked to the Kowalke name for over 30 years. Father Rüdiger very quickly managed to delight fish lovers from all over the world, and this tradition continues to this day: In line with contemporary preferences, it serves sushi and sashimi as well as oysters, lobster and caviar.

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Kontrast, Oslo

  • Kontrast, Oslo

The stylish industrial ambience of "Kontrast" in Oslo’s Vulkan district is the result of its bare concrete floors and exposed pipework. Chef de cuisine Mikael Svensson celebrates perfect contrasts: He exquisitely prepares fresh vegetables, meat and fish appropriate to the season. Which has also earned him a Michelin star.

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Kodbyens Fiskebar, Copenhagen

  • Kodbyens Fiskebar, Kopenhagen

Today, everything in Copenhagen’s former meat market is about fish. The comprehensive menu offers a good range of dishes made with freshly-caught seafood, prepared by Jamie Lee and his team with sophistication and innovation. They also offer accompanying wines.

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ABaC, Barcelona

  • ABaC, Barcelona

The ABaC boutique hotel in the heart of Barcelona, surrounded by green gardens, is home to the restaurant of the same name. The spacious kitchen was designed so that guests are able to watch the chefs at work without disturbing them. Chef Jordi Cruz and his team have been awarded three Michelin stars for their exceptional cuisine.

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