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Tables at the most exclusive and coveted restaurants are often already reserved weeks in advance. Platinum Service can organize you a table at your chosen restaurants around the world. Thanks to the excellent international Platinum Service network, you can often get a table at short notice even in the most popular restaurants. You can also come to us for the best tips to discover new culinary highlights in all corners of the world.

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Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort

  • Greenhouse

South Africa’s specialties at their best. Chef Farrel Hirsch and his team spare no effort and even go on exploratory tours through the country themselves to find the best ingredients from the sea, gardens and fields. Resulting in exciting dishes that have a totally personal touch.

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  • Marble

The Marble Restaurant in Johannesburg Keyes Art Mile has a large wood-fired grill at its heart. Cooking on wood fires is typical for the country and fish, poultry, vegetables and bread are prepared on these fires. And it’s not just the dishes that are eye-catching: The interior decoration bears the signature of local artists and designers.

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Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient

  • Mosaic

Chantel Dartnall describes her dishes as "Poems of nature". The magic on the plate should engage all the senses. For this reason, wild herbs and flowers are not only a delight for the eyes to see, but also round off her creations perfectly from a taste point of view. She has already won a few awards with her restaurant Mosaic at the Orient.

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Nobu & Reuben’s at the One&Only

  • Nobu & Reuben

The One&Only Resort in Cape Town boasts two highlights: The Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s Nobu takes his guests on a culinary journey with an extravagant interpretation of Japanese cuisine. It is the only restaurant run by the chef decorated with several Michelin stars in Africa. Reuben’s run by Reuben Riffel has devoted itself to native cuisine. The range of food is inspired by the seafood from the two oceans that at the Cape, and by the country’s old spice routes.

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  • Terroir

South Africa is known for its wines. The Kleine Zalze winery in Stellenbosch is one of the most prestigious addresses. You can fully indulge in these in the Terroir Fine Dining Restaurant. The seasons set the pace for the changing menus and Chef Michael Broughton is happy to limit himself to the essence of the ingredients, to allow their true flavors to come through. And naturally with just the right wine to go with it.

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The Chef’s Table, Durban

  • The Chef's Table

Kayla-Ann Osborn invites you to try contemporary, experimental cuisine on South Africa’s east coast, near the city of Durban. Enjoy extraordinary dishes such as sea urchin risotto with preserved lemon, charred chive foam and parsley or chicken oysters with mushroom ravioli, wild mushrooms, parmesan and jus.

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