Information and forms for the Platinum Card

Your Platinum Card offers you a wide variety of services. These make your life easier. In many situations. At home or thousands of kilometers away. You can find the corresponding downloadable forms under each heading (e.g. the additional card application under the heading „Card use“ at „Additional cards“. If you still have any questions, simply contact Platinum Service.

Card use

What is “mobile payment”?

Besides classic card payments, “Swisscard Masterpass” and contactless payments, Swisscard is expanding its range of services with another payment system, “mobile payment”.

“Mobile payment” is the term for conveniently paying and transferring sums of money using mobile devices. Most transactions of this kind are made by smartphone. Mobile payment is also possible using tablets and smartwatches though.

The requirement for mobile payment is that your credit card(s) is/are linked to a “mobile payment” app, i.e. a “payment app” on the relevant device.

The easy way to pay.
Platinum Card® with Apple Pay

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your Platinum Card® using Apple Pay. It's the easy, secure and private way to pay with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Apple Pay is compatible with the following devices.

Setting up Apple Pay on your iPhone

Adding a card

Add your card to Apple Pay. Open the Wallet app and tap the plus symbol top right.

Entering the card information

Capture the card information using your iPhone camera. You can also enter the card information manually. Then enter your cardˈs security code.

Accepting the Terms of use

Tap "Next", read the Terms of use for using the Platinum Card® with Apple Pay and accept them.

Security check

For security reasons we ask you to call us if necessary or we will send you a confirmation code by SMS.

Setting up a standard card

Open the Wallet app, tap the standard card you want and hold for a few seconds. Drag the card into the foreground and then let go. You will then receive confirmation of your new card settings.

Setting up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch

Connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch. iPhone 5 models and newer are compatible.

Enter your card’s security code to add your credit or debit card from your iTunes account. Or, select “Add a different card” and use your camera to enter the card information.

Capture the card information using your iPhone camera. You can also enter the card information manually. Then enter your cardˈs security code.

Tap "Next", read the Terms of use for using the Platinum Card® with Apple Pay and accept them.

For security reasons we ask you to call us if necessary or we will send you a confirmation code by SMS.

Do you need more information about Apple Pay?

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Easy. Secure.

Samsung Pay is the simple and secure mobile payment option.

Setting up Samsung Pay with your Platinum Card®.

Add card

Open the Samsung Pay app, select "Add" and then "Add card".

Enter card details

Scan your credit card details, follow the instructions and you’re ready to go.

You will need to install Samsung Pay separately for your smartphone and smartwatch, as the tokens are never transferred between devices.

Would you like more information about Samsung Pay?

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Mobile payment made easy

Swipe up to launch Samsung Pay.

Identify yourself with your fingerprint, iris scan or PIN.

Now hold your smartphone up to the terminal to pay.

Supported devices for Samsung Pay

Samsung Galaxy Note9, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 edge*, Galaxy S6, Galaxy A8, Galaxy A6+, Galaxy A6, Galaxy A5 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A3 (2017)*, Galaxy J7 (2017)*, Galaxy J5 (2017)*, Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport* und Gear S3 Classic / Frontier

* Only NFC compatible and not MST compatible

Pay using your smartwatch

Use your Gear S3 without your smartphone having to be in reach.

Press and hold down the "Back" button to start Samsung Pay.

Select a card by turning the bezel.

Press "Pay".

Hold the Gear S3 up to the terminal to conclude the transaction.


Do you have any questions?


The terms and conditions of use for the Swisscard AECS GmbH cards saved electronically in Samsung Pay apply. Samsung Pay can operate with NFC and with MST technology depending on the terminal.
* Samsung Pay only works with cards from participating card issuers and payment networks at compatible electronic payment terminals.

Chip & PIN cards - all you need to know

The PIN code is a 4 to 6-digit identification number. The PIN code is entered at the terminal instead of signing when paying.

Your Chip & PIN card is suitable for all payment types

  • Enter your PIN code when you are requested to*
  • Sign a receipt if you do not have to enter your PIN code
  • There are also terminals where you can pay without entering your PIN code or signing a receipt, e.g. when entering and exiting car parks, or when filling up your car at a gas station

New credit card, new PIN code?

When your credit card is renewed (after the previous period of validity has elapsed), your existing PIN code will remain unchanged.

For further information about PIN codes please refer to the
General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

*You may still have to sign a receipt even if you have entered your PIN code.

Contactless payment - simple and fast

Contactless payment makes everyday shopping easier.

How it works

The terminal display will guide you through the transaction on a step-by-step basis.


Watch out for the contactless symbol.


Hold your credit card against the contactless symbol.


Your payment will be confirmed on the display within a few seconds – finished!*

Contactless payment: the easy and fast alternative to cash

What does contactless payment mean?

Contactless payment is the practical alternative to cash. As with it paying for your everyday purchases is even faster and easier. Simply briefly hold your contactless credit card up to the payment terminal and your payment has already been made. Up to CHF 80* even without a PIN code or signature.

The card and terminal are connected by NFC (Near Field Communication) and complete the payment process without any direct contact.

What are the advantages of contactless payments?

Contactless payment makes your daily purchases easier and liberates you from the tiresome search for small change. Collect valuable bonus points faster and easier when purchasing a magazine or snack.

Are contactless payments safe?

Your contactless credit card is a safe method of payment. 
During the entire payment process the card never leaves your hand and therefore you always have control over your spending. The amount is only paid with close contact with the terminal and for amounts from CHF 80 you still have to enter your PIN code as well.

Where can I make contactless payments?

Contactless payment can be used worldwide anywhere you see the contactless symbol. In Switzerland this is the case at Coop and many other supermarkets, kiosks, ticket machines and new points of acceptance are being added constantly.

Look out for this symbol when shopping.
Fast, contactless payment is possible here.

Other questions & answers about the contactless payment function

* With amounts from CHF 80 and in individual cases you are asked for your PIN code or signature. Please see the instructions on the display.

Cash withdrawal - anytime and anywhere

There are situations where for once only cash will do.

You can withdraw cash at any suitable ATM in Switzerland and abroad using your credit card.

Commission: 4 % of the cash amount.

  • At least 5 CHF per withdrawal in Switzerland
  • At least 5 CHF per withdrawal abroad

Find a American Express ATM near you.

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Card portfolio – principal cards and additional cards

Up to 6 cards for you

With the Platinum Card you can apply for an additional card for yourself or for persons close to you. These offer almost the same services as your principal card. Your Platinum Card portfolio consists of the following:

  • 1 Platinum Card (principal card
  • 1 Platinum additional card
  • 4 American Express® Card or American Express® Gold Card additional cards
  • Further Platinum additional cards are available in return for an annual fee of CHF 425

To card application

Worldwide card acceptance.

Countries and regions affected by sanctions and embargoes.

Credit cards issued by Swisscard cannot be used in countries and regions which have certain sanctions and embargoes imposed against them.

  • Cuba (The Republic of)
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)
  • Syria (Syrian Arab Republic)
  • Crimea (Region of Ukraine)

Theft and loss

Procedures and support in the event of the theft or the loss of your credit card:


Provided you have exercised due care, you will not be liable for any risks or deductibles that may arise from the loss of your credit card. This includes any withdrawals that may have been made with your stolen card by third parties. Dial the 24h emergency number as quickly as possible, and we will block your card immediately.

Emergency cash, emergency card, replacement card

If you have lost your card and find yourself away from home without any money, we will help you out of your predicament: we will ensure that you receive emergency cash, that you are sent an emergency card – typically within 48 hours – and that your replacement card gets to you as quickly as possible.

Shop securely online using 3-D Secure

3-D Secure: secure online shopping

Personal details

Always keep your contact details up-to-date.

To make sure that your statements always reach you, please let us know as soon as your personal details change.

Change of address

Change your address, phone numbers and e-mail address now quickly, easily and conveniently using cardservice, your online access to your credit card account.


You can also inform us of your new address in writing. We will pay the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this.

Keep in contact with us

It is worth keeping in contact with us. The easiest way to do this is by e-mail or text message. Therefore we would be delighted if you authorized us to always keep you updated in future.

Registration for electronic communication

Your benefits:

  • You receive information about your credit card quickly and easily by e-mail or text message
  • You receive information if we detect any suspicious transactions on your account
  • You are the first to find out about special offers and receive tips on everything to do with your card

Secure our special benefits for yourself

We offer you extensive and reliable customer support. This also includes our free text message and e-mail service. You receive important information, for example interesting facts about the safe handling of your credit card, tips about cashless payments and exclusive offers. The best thing to do is register now: Simply download the online form, complete it and send it to us. We would be delighted if you want to continue to stay in contact with us.

Sign the form now and send it back

This service is non-binding and you can cancel your registration at any time.

Power of attorney

Without power of attorney, as the principal cardholder you are the only person who is able to receive information from us.

This means, for instance, that without the corresponding power of attorney, your spouse also has no right to information and is unable to take either card or account relevant decisions. This is also the case if they are the holder of an additional card.

If, in this context, you would like us to provide a person whom you entrust with information about your credit card and your card account, then please grant them power of attorney.

Through submitting a legally valid and signed power of attorney, the principal cardholder (the principal) empowers the stated third party(ies) (the assignee(s)) to fully represent them within the scope of the rights and obligations / responsibilities pursuant to the valid general terms and conditions for credit cards of Swisscard AECS GmbH. Once power of attorney has been granted, it can only be revoked in writing and it applies beyond the death of the principal.

How to grant power of attorney:

  • Fill in and print out the power of attorney form
  • Date it and sign it
  • Send it to us in original format (no copies or faxes) together with a copy of an official identification document belonging to the principal (front side and flipside). We will pay the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this.

I would like to grant power of attorney

Determination of the beneficial owner

All about your statement

Once a month you receive a detailed monthly statement. On this you can quickly and easily see all your spending for that month:

  • Arranged according to the spending positions on the Platinum principal card and the additional cards
  • Debits and credits are summarized according to the date of purchase or booking
  • The current Membership Rewards balance is shown

You can find a detailed explanation of the monthly statement here.

Checking your statement

Please note that as the principal cardholder it is your responsibility to check the card transactions, fees etc. on your statement as soon as you receive it. Any unclear or incorrect transactions must be reported within 30 days from the statement date at the latest (date of postmark) using the complaint form.

Paying your bill

If DD (direct debit) is activated, the total balance amount is directly debited from the bank account provided by you every month when the statement is issued. You do not receive a payment slip for the monthly statement.

E-banking: payments in CHF

To pay using e-banking, please complete the fields as follows:

  1. Your personal reference no., this can be found on the payment slip
  2. Account number 01-4544-9
  3. Amount in Swiss francs
  4. If you are asked for the recipient: Swisscard AECS GmbH, 8810 Horgen

Post office counter: payments in CHF

To pay using a red payment slip, please complete the fields as follows:

  1. The text under «Payment for», «In favor of» and «Account»
  2. Amount
  3. Your name and full address
  4. Your 11-digit account number (can be found top left on your statement) or your card number without any spaces or special characters. Swisscard is not able to allocate the payment to you without an account or card number.

Note: There is a charge for payments at the post office counter.

Complaints regarding a transaction

Once a month you receive a detailed monthly statement. Your statement means you can check all of your spending of each month quickly and easily. Please note that as the principal cardholder it is your responsibility to check the card transactions on your statement as soon as you receive it. Any unclear or incorrect transactions must be reported immediately using the complaint form.

Complaint form

Pay more conveniently using direct debit

Settle your credit card statement conveniently and easily using direct debit. Then the total statement amount is debited in full from the account provided by you every month. So that you do not have to do anything else.

Activating DD

Settle your credit card statement conveniently and easily using direct debit. Once DD (direct debit) is activated, the total amount on the statement is debited in full from the bank account provided by you every month. You do not receive a payment slip for the monthly statement.

Form activating DD

Please pass the fully completed and signed DD form to your regular bank.

Deactivating DD (direct debit)

You can change your method of payment from DD to payment slip at any time using cardservice, your online access to your credit card account or at our Platinum Service.




Real-time control


Online access

Swisscard Login

Swisscard Login makes registering extremely easy for all customers.

Currently, you have access to the following services with Swisscard Login:

  • Membership Rewards shop:
    Collect points and enjoy the reward you want. You can find numerous offers that you can redeem your collected points for in the Membership Rewards bonus program rewards shop.
  • Swisscard app:
    The Swisscard app offers you an overview of your credit card spending, current balance and details about your credit cards in a convenient way. You can also monitor and manage your purchases better using the spending assistant. And all of this directly from home or when out and about on your smartphone.
    Download the free Swisscard app now:


You are good to go with Swisscard Login in just a few steps: All you need besides your personal details are your credit card account number (you can find this 11-digit number on your monthly statement or in cardservice).

You have to enter a registration code once for some services that is sent to you by post as soon as you have registered online. We recommend that you enter this code online as soon as you have received it to complete the registration process.

Register now!

A secure feeling all the time with cardservice
and a summary of your daily purchases

Your credit card makes paying particularly easy and you benefit from numerous advantages straight away. Now there is another added benefit:

cardservice offers you even more convenience and greater transparency with online access to your credit card account. You can view your statements, transactions and available balance at all times. You can now also update your customer data easily. And all of this around the clock and anywhere in the world.

A summary of your daily purchases

  • Access to your credit card account: anytime and anywhere
  • Summary of all purchases
  • View your available balance at all times

A secure feeling all the time

  • Monthly statement at the click of a mouse
  • Statements for the last 6 months available at any time
  • Simple, comprehensive management of your finances

Customer center round the clock

  • Place orders such as change of address or PIN reminder easily and comfortably with our customer service.


Register now

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FAQ cardservice

You can find a summary of cardservice, frequently asked questions as well as help with the registration process here.

Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (GCI)

Membership Rewards Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Travel & Lifestyle Services

Priority Pass

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Platinum Service

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Platinum Service from abroad

+41 44 659 63 90

Allianz Global Assistance is available to you worldwide and round the clock on +41 44 283 38 38.

A summary of all services

With your card you receive an extensive range of services. Get a quick overview of them here.

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