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Swisscard App

Always have your credit card information to hand.

The great addition for when you are on the move: the new swisscard app.

The free Swisscard app offers the following advantages:

  • Modern easy-to-use design
  • Summary of transactions for current and previous statement periods and your credit limit
  • You always have the current and available balance to hand
  • Manage your own spending ideally with the expense tracker
  • Balance notification for control of your spending

Download it now:



System requirements:

You can install the Swisscard app on different devices, e.g. on several cell phones or tablets.

Devices with the following operating systems are supported:

  • iPhones from the 4S model and iOS version 8.0 onwards
  • Android from version 4.4 onwards


The Swisscard app has been developed based on the latest international standards. It has a multi-level security system and has been checked and rated as good by certified security specialists. Swisscard is constantly developing the security concept further so that your data is secure today and in future.

The Swisscard app is protected by a PIN code that only you know.

If your cell phone is lost or stolen, please contact us so that we can immediately block access to the Swisscard app.

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