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Don’t take bait when «phishing». Don’t reel in fraudsters!

Data scams using phishing have been reported on increasingly. What is behind this and how can you protect yourself?

American Express Phishing

Fraudsters attempt to access personal data such as credit card numbers or «3-D Secure» details using «phishing» e-mails. In doing so, the e-mails appear very professional and have an «official air» about them: a fictional banking institute usually acts as the sender and a well-known company such as PayPal or Amazon or even a person known to you is often mentioned.

If you think that you have received a «phishing» e-mail, please proceed as follows:

  • Never reply to e-mails that ask for your personal information, card numbers or passwords
  • Do not click on any links or open any attachments
  • If you have already done so, contact our Customer service immediately to have your card blocked. Card replacement is free.
  • Always check your credit card statements and contact us immediately in the event of any irregularities
  • Do not use easy or obvious words and combinations of numbers as passwords, for example your date of birth
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