Swisscard Masterpass™.

Pay faster online with security: Swisscard Masterpass.

Swisscard Masterpass is a free "digital wallet" from Mastercard that conveniently and reliably stores all your cards and delivery addresses in a secure place. Register once and complete online purchases with just a few clicks in future – anytime and anywhere by smartphone, tablet or computer.

Shop at all retailers where you see the Masterpass logo on their website with a secure feeling.

Swisscard Masterpass is extremely secure. Identification and authorization are carried out using a two-factor process. This consists of a password combined with the Transakt security app.

Swisscard Masterpass makes your payment transaction easier and ensures that the payment identification and authorization process can be carried out quickly.

Once registered (steps 1-3), you simply click the Masterpass logo during the payment process and your purchase is completed in just a few clicks – secure, fast and convenient.

What you need to use Swisscard Masterpass:

1. The installed Transakt app
2. 3-D Secure registration
3. Swisscard Login registration

You only have to carry out these three steps once!

You must have the Transakt app installed on your smartphone to shop online using Swisscard Masterpass. If you haven’t installed this yet, please download the Transakt app for your smartphone here.

Register for 3-D Secure.

For security reasons it is also necessary to register for 3-D Secure to use Swisscard Masterpass. 3-D Secure is the internationally recognized security standard for online credit card payments. When you shop online, 3-D Secure is used for cardholder identification and therefore provides additional security. However, this authorization is no longer necessary as soon as you have registered for Swisscard Masterpass as all this data is stored in the Swisscard Masterpass digital wallet.

Have the following documents ready for this:

  • Card number
  • Card account number (You can find this on your statement or in cardservice.)
  • Your smartphone with installed Transakt app

(On the second slide in the registration process please select "Register now for the smartphone app" – Swisscard Masterpass does not work with a static password for security reasons.)

Register here for 3-D Secure

Pre-registration for Swisscard Masterpass.

Register through Swisscard Login to use Swisscard Masterpass. Have the following documents ready for this:

  • Card number
  • Card account number (You can find this on your statement or in cardservice.)
  • Private email address

Register now for Swisscard Login

You can find information about Swisscard Login here.

From now on you can make secure, fast and convenient payments online: Swisscard Masterpass!

All you have to do for this is click the Masterpass logo during the online shop’s payment process and accept the Terms and Conditions once. Every time you then shop online you can conveniently select your digital wallet and make secure, fast and convenient payments.


Frequently asked questions about Swisscard Masterpass

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