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Power of attorney

Without power of attorney, as the principal cardholder you are the only person who is able to receive information from us.

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This means, for instance, that without the corresponding power of attorney, your spouse also has no right to information and is unable to take either card or account relevant decisions. This is also the case if they are the holder of an additional card.

If, in this context, you would like us to provide a person whom you entrust with information about your credit card and your card account, then please grant them power of attorney.

Through submitting a legally valid and signed power of attorney, the principal cardholder (the principal) empowers the stated third party(ies) (the assignee(s)) to fully represent them within the scope of the rights and obligations / responsibilities pursuant to the valid general terms and conditions for credit cards of Swisscard AECS GmbH. Once power of attorney has been granted, it can only be revoked in writing and it applies beyond the death of the principal.

How to grant power of attorney:

  • Fill in and print out the power of attorney form
  • Date it and sign it
  • Send it to us in original format (no copies or faxes) together with a copy of an official identification document belonging to the principal (front side and flipside). We will pay the postage for you. Please use the franked template for this.

I would like to grant power of attorney

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